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Bella's arm gets fixed up by Carlisle. Jasper gets hauled out and Edward seems devastated. In the chapter, Edward's past is more revealed, by Carlisle. Edward used to have green eyes and bronze hair before his change as a vampire. His parents died b/c of the spanish influenza, but before his mum died, she fiercly begged Carlisle to save Edward. At the end of chapter 2...Bella goes home unnoticed by Charlie b/c her arm was cleverly hidden. That night, Edward sneaked into her room as usual and fiercely kisses her. From chap. 2 on...Edward and Bella's relationship gets...a little broken. you'll see...

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In chapter 12, Bella is in the middle of crying on her bed, when she is interuppted by Jacob clawing on her window. When she lets him in he apolagizes for what he did to her in the previouse chapter. He is risking alot bring around her so he leaves in a rush. But while he is there he tells her that he is not aloud to tell her why he has changed so much, and why he is not aloud to be around her. But he did say that if she guessed it right he good say that she was right. He gives her a hint by telling her to remember what he told her the night when they were walking on the beach in la puch, and when he told her the ledents about his tribe. At that point he leaves. but he also leaves Bella left in her room with racing thoughts. And she spends the night wondering what he said to her the day at la push.

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Bella sees a dream on her b'day night she and edward is standing next to her Grandmother in a meadow. As they both walk towards each other,Bella tries to introduce her Grandmother to Edward while her Granny repeats it. Its like Bella is in one side and her Grandmother in the other side doing the same thing. (like a mirror reflection)

What they try to represent is that when Bella will grow old, Edward will still remain the same.

After that she wakes up by the noise of Charlie walking inside the room and Charlie wishes her a very happy B'day and gives her the present her mother gave (camera) and he gives his present.

Then Bella leaves for school.

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Edward doesnt come back to school for a while but when he does he talked to Bella in her Biology class. his eyes are gold instead of black.

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Q: What is happens in Chapter 2 of New Moon?
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