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Hardware is any part of the computer you can touch it's type of hardware is i dont know

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Hardware is any physical part of a computer system :)

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form_title=Hardware form_header=Add to your telecommunications collection with new hardware! What type of hardware are you looking to install?=_ When do you need the hardware installed?=_ Where does the hardware need to be installed?=_

Is web browser is a hardware?

No, it is not a piece of hardware. It is a type of application software.

Is a motherboard a type of hardware device?

Yes, motherboards are types of hardware devices.

Antique Hardware?

form_title= Antique Hardware form_header= Create a beautiful new look with antique hardware. What type of hardware do you need?*= _ [50] What color hardware do you need?*= _ [50] What size hardware do you need?*= _ [50]

Why do OS support all hardware types?

They do not. An OS is specific to processor and hardware type.

What type of hardware device is a monitors and printers?

Computer monitors and printers are output hardware.

What type of software is a computer hardware?

Software and hardware are two entirely different things.

Hardware is controlled by what type of software?

I believe hardware is controlled through the BIOS and OS Kernel

Is the disk drive a type of hardware?

Yes. Anything physical that you can touch in relation to computers is hardware.

Is a computer monitor a type of hardware?

Yes. Anything your computer uses that you can physically touch is hardware.

Is CPU a type of software?

No. A CPU is hardware.

What type of hardware equipment used for CAD and CAM?

Describe the various hardware equipment used in cad/cam?

Is quad core a hardware or software?

It is a type of processor, therefore it is hardware. I recommend the i7 processor, which is a quad core

Where could one go to order antique hardware?

To order antique hardware one may go to House of Antique Hardware. They have an online ordering system and can match or find almost any type of hardware for their customers.

What type of computer hardware is Lightwave?

Lightwave hardware is usually related to Audio equipment. Some examples of Lightwave computer hardware include Cables, Microphones and other accessories.

What is the size of the sunflower?

the answer is this... type in Whats the opposite of hardware? then it shows you the answer...

What type of products do Franklin Electronics manufacture?

The type of products that Franklin Electronics manufactures are devices such as cellphones , computers and video game hardware. However, they are most known for their manufacture of computer hardware and cellphone models. They also have gained popularity with televison hardware.

What type of software is used to format a diskette?

The formatting of a diskette is done by the driver hardware. Any software that can access the driver hardware interface can do this.

Is music a software or hardware?

music is a type of signl in form of discrete.

What type of device are computer speakers?

Computer speakers are hardware devices.

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