What is heat enrgy?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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heat energy is energy made from heat

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Q: What is heat enrgy?
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How do you make transducer which can convert heat enrgy into electrical enrgy?

to say the truth no one actualy has discovered it..but i really dont know..when i get the answer i will tell u..

How does chloroplast prepare food for the cells?

It is about photosynthesis. They prepare carbohydrates by CO2 and H2O.

What is wind enrgy used for?


What is acousic is form of what?

what is the form of acoustic enrgy

How is vitamin c is use by the body?

it gives you enrgy.

Pokémon planum where is enrgy city?

There is no such place. Sorry. :(

What is kinetic enrgy?

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.

What did Hans Bethe discover?

he discovered the enrgy of the sn

What is the energy when you talk into a microphone?

the enrgy you give for your vose

What is enrgy?

Energy is the ability to cause change in matter.

What is another word for chemical energy?

kinetic enrgy

How does the sun produce enrgy?

Nuclear fusion c-horse out!