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They weigh the same: 1 kilogram.

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Which is heavier a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of rocks?

Neither. A Kilogram is a unit of weight or 'heaviness'. If you have a kilo of rocks and a kilo of feathers they weigh exactly the same.

What is heavier a kilo of lead or kilo of flour or kilo of feathers?

it is obviously the same weight because it say KILO for both!

Which is heavier a kilo of feather or a kilo of rocks?

Neither. They are both one kilogram.

Which is heavier a kilo of rocks or a kilo of puffed rice?

The two will have exactly the same mass, by definition. Assuming that kilo is the abbreviation for kilogram.

What is heavier a kilo of lead of wood or of feathers?

They all would weigh the same amount, 1 Kilogram.

What weighs more 1000 feathers or 1000 pebbles?

Pebbles are heavier because they're rocks. Feathers are lightweight and fur.

Is 1kg of rocks heavier or 1kg of feathers?

Since they both have a weight of 1kg one cannot be heavier than the other.

When describing something is less or more dense why aren't lighter and heavier sufficint descriptors?

Because lighter and heavier refer to an objects weight - which has nothing to do with density ! For example - a kilo of feathers is heavier than half a kilo of lead - but lead is more dense !

Which is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?

They both weigh the same. A POUND of feathers vs. a POUND of rocks. A pound is a pound, and whether it is a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks, it doesn't matter. It's still a pound. THINK ABOUT IT!

Can a bag of feathers be heavier than a bag of rocks?

Yes, when a bag of feathers weighs 1 pound and a bag of rocks only weighs .5 pounds. The question that should be asked is Can feathers weigh more then rocks if they have the same quanity? Yes, if the bags are not the same size. But even if they were, if you only had one small rock in the one bag and feathers packed into the other, the feather-bag could be heavier.

What is heavier a ton or a ton?

They are equal. tw Which weighs more a ton of rocks or a tonne of feathers? They weigh the same!

Is a kilo of gold is heavier than a kilo of rice?

No, being a kilo, they are both the same weight

Which is heavier a pound or a kilograms?

A Kilo is heavier. 1 kilogram=2.2pounds

Is kilo heavier than pounds?

Yes, A kilo is almost 2 pounds.

What is heavier a cup of sand or a cup of feathers?

A cup of sand is heavier........:)

Which is heavier a pound of feathers a pound of rock or a pound of jellybeans?

I believe that a pound of rocks has to be heavier than the other pounds of items that you mentioned. Therefore, feathers are very very light-weight. Jellybeans does not beat rocks. SO THE ANSWER IS A POUND OF ROCKS. thank you :)AnswerTrick question. They're all the same weight, because the questions specifies that they all weigh 1 lb, so none weigh more than the others. You would need a lot more feathers to get a weight of 1 pound, but you wouldn't need as many rocks to get the same weight.

Are a pigeons feathers heavier than its bones?

no,even though a pigeons bones are very light,they are still heavier than its feathers

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