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What is high Christology?

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Christians believe that Jesus Christ was God-incarnate; thus Jesus was truly God and truly human. However, Christians approach this belief in more than one way. Some writers emphasise the divinity of Jesus, others emphasise the humanity whilst still others strive to maintain a balance. When people emphasise Christ's divinity, sometimes to the expense of His humanity, this is termed "High Christology" (Christology being the study of Christ). People who stress the divinity of Christ will lay emphasis on (a) miracles (b) Jesus' union with the will of His Father (c) the Gospel account of John, which has a high Christological approach. Conversely, when Christians emphasise Christ's humanity this is termed "Low Christology". Such people will stress (a) Christ's suffering (b) His struggles (c) the Gospel accounts of Mark and Luke. Related links: (High Christology) (Low Christology)

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What are the sources of Christology?

Christology is an area of theology which deals with Our Lord Jesus Christ. The source of Christology is the bible.

What is the etymological meaning of Christology?

The etymological meaning of Christology states that it is a branch of theology which deals with the person, nature and deeds of Jesus. The word Christology is the Latin combination of Gk. Khristos + -logia "discourse. "

Compare and contrast the Christology from above and the Christology from below and give some Bible passages that support the answers?

Christology from above is ascending and it represents Christ as a man with some divine qualities. Christology from below is descending and it represents Christ as divine with some human qualities which can be interpreted as God.

What is the study of Jesus?


What is the religious belief behind Christology?

Christology is a field of study concerned with the nature and person of Jesus Christ. Christology involves Jesus' ministry and his teachings and acts in hopes of coming to a clearer understanding of who Jesus is.

The study of Jesus Christ?


What type of Christology that stands out while Jesus in on the cross?

If 'Christology' is the story and doctrine of Christ, I would say that the Christology of Christ on the Cross is the ultimate Christology; for at that time Jesus Christ fulfilled his whole mission by offering himself for all our sins - "The Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world." And this was confirmed 3 days later when he rose from the dead.

Is there a name for the study of Jesus Christ?

Christology .

What is the Christology of Luke and acts of the apostles?

It is in the New Testament.

What is christology all about?

Type your answer here... CHRISTOLOGY is all about the birth,death,and resurrection of christ.some people will say that is how the seventh day adventist church began.BY WINNER C. AJA

What is the meaning of christology?

Christology (from Christ and Greek -λογία, -logia) is a field of study within Christian theology which is concerned with the nature of Jesus the Christ, particularly with how the divine and human are related in his person. Christology is generally less concerned with the details of Jesus' life than with how the human and divine co-exist in one person.

What has the author Daniel Deme written?

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Does Glenn Beck have a degree in statistics?

No, Glenn Edward Lee Beck did not go to college, he was briefly enrolled in a a theology class at Yale University called "Early Christology" in 1996, 14 years after graduating high school, but Beck soon dropped out.

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What are the criteria in doing Christology?

A field of study within Christianity concerned with the nature and person of Jesus. See related link below:

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Why was Christology so important in the early Church?

Christology, the study and theology of the person of Jesus Christ was and is very important because Jesus Christ is God who came to earth to save us. He specifically instructed us to imitate and follow Him. The more that we study Our Blessed Lord and His life the better we understand how to imitate and follow Him. Although study is only part of it, nevertheless, it is an important part.

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