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What is high Christology?


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May 31, 2009 12:43AM

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was God-incarnate; thus Jesus was truly God and truly human. However, Christians approach this belief in more than one way. Some writers emphasise the divinity of Jesus, others emphasise the humanity whilst still others strive to maintain a balance. When people emphasise Christ's divinity, sometimes to the expense of His humanity, this is termed "High Christology" (Christology being the study of Christ). People who stress the divinity of Christ will lay emphasis on (a) miracles (b) Jesus' union with the will of His Father (c) the Gospel account of John, which has a high Christological approach. Conversely, when Christians emphasise Christ's humanity this is termed "Low Christology". Such people will stress (a) Christ's suffering (b) His struggles (c) the Gospel accounts of Mark and Luke. Related links: (High Christology) (Low Christology)