What is high efficacious ly mphshamei?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What is high efficacious ly mphshamei?
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How do you write efficacious in a sentence?

That medicine is efficacious in treating a cold

What does efficacious mean?

The word efficacious means about the same as "effective" -- it means capable of having the intended result. Example: "A shotgun is efficacious in controlling wild rabbits." "For a simple cough, honey is often as efficacious as medicinal syrups."

How can you use efficacious in a sentence?

(Capable of having a desired effect or result, effective.)"The medicine is efficacious in stopping a cough.""The farmers were looking for a chemical that would be efficacious against the corn fungus."

What high school did Justin biber go to?

hp ly

What are synonyms of efficacious?

productive, efficient, effective

Which alkaloid is efficacious in treating malaria?


What is the suffix of high?

its er est ly any of those would be some

What actors and actresses appeared in High Winds - 2006?

The cast of High Winds - 2006 includes: Freddy Ly

Is costly an adverb?

No, it is not (despite the LY ending). The word costly is an adjective (expensive, high-priced).

What is an efficacious symbol?

An efficacious symbol is something that promotes an idea, but at the same time it actually causes that idea to happen. For example, the Church is one because it "promotes" salvation, but it also "causes" salvation.

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(TY-LY)/LY=%increase TY = This Year LY = Last Year (TY-LY)/LY=%increase TY = This Year LY = Last Year

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The suffix in promptly is -ly. The -ly changes prompt to an adverb.