What is high strung?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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High strung is a term that is used for a person who may react nervously or actively to outside stresses.

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Q: What is high strung?
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some thoroughbreds can be high strung but it really depends on the horse

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Use high-strung in a sentence?

The neighbor's dog is very high-strung and it barks constantly. He's at great risk for a heart attack because he's high-strung, he smokes, eats poorly and hasn't exercised in years.

What is the synonym for jumpy?

edgy, high-strung, highly strung, jittery, nervy, overstrung, restive, uptight

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What do you call a fast person?

High strung, hyper

From which sport does the phrase high strung originate?

Probably Horse racing, (High-strung thoroughbreds) but it could also derive from musical instrument use- like second fiddle or rhythm guitar, High strung could be analogous to overtightened or (Keyed Up) the tuning machines on guitars, etfc are sometimes called keys.

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