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What is holland in German?

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This country is called "Holland" or "die Niederlande".

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Are dutch German people German?

No if they are from the Netherlands or holland they are Dutch and if they are from Germany they are German.

Where is Venlo?

In Holland, Limburg near the German border.

How far is Usselo Holland and the German border?

It is about 3 1/2 miles from the German border.

Why do you think the German guards allow benno and heinz to cross the border into holland?

The German guards allow benno and heinz to cross the boarder into holland because they wanted to get rid or them.

What is the German name for Netherlands?

The German name for Netherlands is " Die Niederlande" Sometimes the Netherlands are also called "Holland", which is incorrect, since Holland is only a small part of the Netherlands.

German big shot in Holland Anne mentions his speech?

The "German" big shot in Holland was Aurthur Seyss-Inquart, the man the Third Reich in effect put "in charge" of Holland. He was tried at Nuremburg, convicted and hanged for war crimes.

Does the word Dutch mean dirty German?

No, Dutch is the language they speak in the Netherlands (Holland)'I am Dutch.' means you are from the Netherlands (Holland)

How did holland get involed in the war?

They were invaded, overrun and conquered by the German Army.

How do I renew my German passport when I am living in Holland?

Go to the German Embassy in the Haag or one its Consulates; there is one in Amsterdam(some German Consulates have the authority to renew your passport). The Dutch haven't completely forgotten about WWII. So please try not to refer to their county as Holland.

Is there a list of Dutch Shepherd breeders?

Try googling German Shepherd breeders in Netherlands, or German Shepherd breeders list in Holland.

German big shot in Holland?

Do you mean Big Bertha? from World War One.

What did Napoleon annex to France?

Austria, Spain, Holland, Denmark, the Italian and German states etc.

What has the author Ruth Robins Holland written?

Ruth Robins Holland has written: 'The oriental immigrants in America' 'The German immigrants in America' -- subject(s): German Americans, Juvenile literature 'The room' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Friendship, Juvenile fiction

Fled to Holland after Germany starting losing World War 1?

The German ruler, Kaiser Wilhelm II, abdicated the throne and fled to Holland in the last days of the war.

Why is Dutch called Dutch and German called German?

Dutch is called Dutch because............Well, people from Holland are called Dutch by English speaking people only. In German and French and even in Russian they are called - German: Holländer, Niederländer - French: les Hollandais - Russian: gollantskij As you can see all these words are derived from the Dutch word Holland. Strictly spoken even Holland is wrong. Holland was the name of the county Holland until 1795. But as the economic and cultural centre of The Netherlands was situated in the old county of Holland, this last name stood for the whole of The Netherlands. Moreover the name "The Netherlands" also applies for Belgium historically. Originally there were 17 counties united as the Low Countries, in French Les Pays Bas. History divided them into two groups which became Belgium and Netherlands.

How did the phoney war end?

In May 1940 when German troops swept through Belgium, Holland and France.

What was the goal of operation overlord in ww11?

The goal of Overlord was to to remove the German armies from France, Belgium and Holland.

Where did the name Ostendorf originate from?

It's likely german where ¨Dorf¨ means village. In dutch it would be Oostendorp. I know this because I am the son of a dutch mother and a german father living in Holland near the german border.

When and in what way did things get worse for the Anne Frank family in holland?

Things got worse for the Anne Frank family - and every Jewish family - in Holland, once the Nazis invaded Holland in May of 1940. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, life under German rule became intolerable for the Jewish people in Holland.

Did the Germans start the war?

The German started WW II by invaded their neighboring countries, Holland, Czechoslovakia, etc.

What was the nationality of Anne of Cleves?

Anne of Cleves used to live in what is now Germany close to the border of Holland. she was German.

What part of Holland did Germany invade?

The Nazis invaded the whole of the Netherlands and placed the country under German administration.

When did the Romans invade Netherlands?

Holland south of the river Rhine was conquered by Julius Caesar in 57 BC during his Gallic War. Southern Holland became part of the Roman province of Gallia Belgica (southern Holland, Belgium Luxembourg, northern France and the German Rhineland). The Romans never conquered Holland north of the river Rhine and the rest of the Netherlands.

Why did Germany invade Holland Belgium and Luxembourg?

German did such action in order to retain her colonies occupied by France,Alsace and lorane

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