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The average monthly pay for a registered nurse is somewhere about $2,000. the weekly answer for an average pay

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Q: What is hourly weekly monthly and yearly salary for a nurse?
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Are salary and wages synonyms or antonyms?

The two are nearly synonyms, except that "salary" is usually applied to a fixed payment (weekly, monthly, yearly) while wages usually applies to an hourly or daily payment.

How many questions are answered on WikiAnswers hourly daily weekly monthly and yearly?

Since there is no vital citation on this i cant tell you how many are edited hourly.

How do you figure out your monthly salary with your yearly salary?

Divide your yearly salary by 12 to get your monthly salary.

How do you calculate how much you make per hour based on what you earn per year?

Yearly salary ÷ 52 weeks per year = weekly salary Weekly salary ÷ 40 hours per week = hourly pay

What is the answer for Yearly once monthly twice weekly 4times daily 16 times?

What is the answer for Yearly once monthly twice weekly 4times daily 16 times?

What is the methodology for calculating mean sea level from hourly tide data?

Get the daily mean from the hourly, monthly mean from hourly, yearly mean from monthly. MSL can be calculated from the monthly or yearly, longer data set needed for yearly. A filter may need to be applied depending on the method in which the data was collected

What Does Salary Employee Mean?

A salary employee means that you are paid a yearly salary, not an hourly or weekly salary. Although you may be paid weekly or bi-monthly, etc, the amount is a prorated per payday. A salary employee, in most cases, does not get paid overtime, although they may be required, or even expected to do overtime.

How do you find out hourly pay rates?

Annual Salary - Divide gross by 52 for weekly wage, then divide by 40 (or however many hrs you work per week). Monthly - Divide gross by 4.3 (actual legal weeks in a month), then divide by # of hours worked a week. Weekly - Divide gross by # of hrs worked in a week

What is formula to calculate yearly salary to monthly salary?

Divide it by 12...

Is a salary monthly or yearly?

It can be either. You can have a monthly salary or an annual salary. Depending on where you work you may be paid monthly, or every two weeks, or twice a month.

What is the monthly salary of a 14400 yearly pay?


Does annual salary mean monthly or yearly?

annual salary means yearly salary. It is also called P.A. which means per annum.