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Hydrogen is an element having atomic number 1.It is the most plentiful element sen in stars.

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Is the only element not grouped with the others hydrogeon?

Im think yes im 80% sure

What action movie features the element hydrogeon?

Armageddon Hydrogen bombs were placed in holes drilled into the asteroid in the movie.

What is the oxidation number of hydrogeon when it is combined with a metal?

Hydrogen is a non metal. Metals are electropositive than hydrogen. Therefore, hydrogen atoms in metal hydrides have oxidation number -1.

Would using dry ice in your holiday punch cause it to become watery after several hours why and why not?

Yes, because dry ice is so cold that it melts in the punch and lets the hydrogeon gas evaporates from the punch bowl.

Can you breath on Mercury?

Yes you can - but only once. After that you will die. Assuming you don't die from the pressure or lack of. Mercury has zero atmosphere. this is a wrong anwser.....! i agree .. even though it has oxegeon containd on the planet it also contains all he othere gases that will poisen you: hydrogeon helium oxegeon sodium calciam potassium water vapor the surface is dark grey and is rocky covered in a thick layer of dust

Where is pure oxygen found?

Pure Oxygen is not found anywhere. It has to be created through a process like electrolysis of water, or fractionally distilling. Although Oxygen is the 3rd largest abundant element in our Universe (after Hydrogeon and Helium), It is not it is not found in it's purest form because of it's high ability to react with other elements. Electrolysis of water is one way to produce pure Oxygen Pure water (H2O) is taken in a large container, and electrolyzed. The Oxygen being negatively charged becomes the Anadode, and the Hydrogen, being the positively charged, becomes the Cathode. To hold the different elements in their purest form (so they don't interact and become water again) a special container must be used. There are 3 containers, one to hold the water (must be in the middle to allow easy flow), and two empty ones on either side. A battery is used to separate the water into its elements. The positive side of the battery which is linked to a contain will contain Oxygen, and the negative charged side of the battery will contain Hydrogen. In other words, when you electrolyze water, it separates and becomes pure Oxygen, and Hydrogen which must be kept in different containers to stop them from reacting. This is one of several ways by which Oxygen can be created in its purest form.

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