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What is hypertonic solution?

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A solution on which the concentration of solutes is greater than that of the cell that resided on the solution
In healthcare you will often hear the words iso- and hypertonic solutions. A third option the "hypotonic" solution is also a possbility.

As many people will know, the human blood contains both sodium, potassium, chloride salts. In healthcare a solution will be hypertonic when the amount of salts in it exceeds that of human blood. It will be isotonic (iso meaning "same") when the amount of salts are comparable to that of blood. Finally the solution will be considered hypotonic when the amount of salts present in the solution is less than that of blood.

Hypertonic: More concentrated

Isotonic: Just as concentrated

Hypotonic: Less as concentrated.

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Is Tpn hypertonic saline solution or hypertonic dextrose solution?

Hypertonic dextrose.

Is 1.0 NaCl a hypertonic solution?

This is a hypertonic solution.

Is the salt solution a hypertonic or hypotonic solution?


A plant will wilt if it is surrounded by hypertonic solution or hypotonic solution?

Hypertonic solution.

What is an example of hypertonic solution?

Corn syrup is a hypertonic solution.

When a solution is hypertonic?

When a solution is hypertonic water/salt moves out.

Which has more solutes a hypertonic or hypotonic solution?

Hypertonic solution

If a cell is dropped into a solution and the cell shrinks the solution is?

hypertonic hypertonic

A hypertonic solution contains?

A hypertonic solution contains less solute and more water compared to the cytoplasm of a cell. The opposite of a hypertonic solution is a hypotonic solution.

What is hypertonic and solution and hypertonic solution mean?

a solution that has a higher osmotic pressure than another solution to which it is compared

Is sucrose an hypotonic solution or hypertonic solution?

I think it is hypertonic...Im pretty sure...

Is 10 percent glucose solution hypertonic?

10 percent glucose solution is hypertonic.

Is tpn hypertonic or hypotonic dextrose solution?


Is 10 percent NaCl hypertonic?

This is a hypertonic solution.

If an animal cell shrinks it was probably placed in a . hypotonic solution hypertonic solution isotonic solution?


Does hypertonic shrink?

A hypertonic solution does shrink. It is when the osmotic pressure is greater than the solution that is within it.

How are hypertonic solution and hypo tonic Solution related?

A hypertonic solution has the solute greater than the solvent, whereas a hypotonic solution is the reverse.

Is 10 percent NaCl hypertonic or hypotonic?

This solution is hypertonic.

Is dextrose 5 with LR a hypertonic or hypotonic solution?


What kind of solution is sugar water hypotonic or hypertonic?


Is a paramecium a hypertonic solution?

No , Paramecium is not a solution .

What is an example of a hypertonic solution?

Examples of hypertonic solution are: D5W, 3% Normal Saline, and 10% dextrose

Example for hypertonic solution?

A salt water solution is hypertonic, especially if very concentrated salt water.

Is regular non-diet pop a hypotonic or a hypertonic solution?

I am pretty sure it is a hypertonic solution.

A solution with 5 percent sugar is isotonic or hypertonic or hypotonic to a 3 percent sugar solution?