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Hypokalemia (hypokalaemia) is a low level of potassium in your blood. Hypocalcemia (hypocalcaemia) is a low level of calcium in your blood. This can possibly result in cardiac dysrhythmias.

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2007-10-25 19:23:06
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Q: What is hypocalemia?
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What are the complications of digoxin and lasix when taken together?

lasix leads to hypocalemia which may lead to digoxin toxicty

What are alternative remedies for hypocalemia?

Hypokalemia refers to a deficiency of potassium in the body. The best way to replenish one's level of potassium is to take potassium supplements. If a person's potassium level is seriously low, they may be hooked up to a potassium IV so that they don't die.

How do you treat hypocalemia?

Sit the person down and get glucose into them. For example, give them a drink of fizzy pop or something with high sugar contents. Then keep monitoring the person. If there sugar levels suddenly fall even lower and they look like or pass out call 999 and put them in the recovery position.

Is it possible to be pregnant even if you have your illness hypocalemia?

To my knowledge hypocalcemia/ hypokalemia does not effect fertility. Hypocalcemia is low calcium. Hypokalemia is low potassium. I'm not sure which you are referring to in your question. Both/either would require very careful monitoring during a pregnancy. Low potassium will effect your heart rate and the baby's heart rate. If yours gets too low you will go into congestive heart failure. A very dangerous condition. Hypocalcemia is low blood calcium which can effect the strength of your bones and also cause severe muscle cramping. If you have either of these conditions and think you might be pregnant please make an appointment to see your doctor at once. the only way to prevent serious problems for you or the baby is for your doctor to stay on top of your blood levels. Good luck!

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