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Iggy is the blind pyromaniac (he builds bombs) bird kid out of James Patterson's teen series 'Maximum Ride.' He is around 6ft3-the tallest of the 6 bird kids and is 15yrs old-third oldest. He is also the cook, a joker and can be a 'sexist pig'.

He has strwaberry blonde hair and pale blue eyes, after an experiment went wrong ending with him loosing his sight.

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I personally believe that Alex Pettyfer would be a great choice for the character. Of course, he is often portrayed in less comical ways then Iggy. Who knows who they will choose. I have heard rumors that they are choosing people who have never been in movies. If so, I hope to see someone hilarious and hot playing Iggy and someone mysterious playing Fang.

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well later on, Iggy can see. haha jk. well, not really. he can see anything... white. on a white mountain, really... complicating, really.

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Q: What is iggy's power in Maximum Ride?
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