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A modern disposable diapers usually contain layers of paper fluff and a chemical absorbent called sodium polyacrylate. Sodium polyacrylate can absorb 200 to 300 times its weight in liquid. A modern cloth diaper is made of natural fibers, man-made materials, or a combination of both.

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Disposable diapers are made absorbent by a crystalline substance known as sodium polyacrylate, as compound that can absorb hundreds of times its weight in water.

Parent's Choice is most absorbent.(Wal-Mart brand)

Usually a diaper contains super-absorbent cyrstals of sodium polyacrylate.

Huggies is the most absorbent bcause it takes up everything and doesnt let anything pass

they are made by absorbent currency gells or rocks in a diaper

The super absorbent chemical, sodium polyacrylate, absorbs and holds fluids in the diaper.

Use a towel and put on like a regular cloth baby diaper and insert padding around the crotch for extra a extra absorbent diaper You can buy teen diapers if you want to wear a diaper to bed or under cloths

It doesn't. The baby powder only helps keep the skin dry before the diaper is used (i.e sweating). Once it is wet the baby powder is quickly soaked off into the diaper.

Marion Donovan (1917 - 1998) invented the diaper. Her first design involved a plastic cover over the traditional cloth diaper. This design was called the Boater. Later, Donovan invented the first disposable diaper by combining the plastic cover with disposable absorbent cloth.

Super Diaper Baby makes that guy turn into a massive turd

Yes you can feel safe if it makes you comfortable to wear a diaper

They can and tend to in most toilets. The absorbent fluff inside can generally go down without trouble but flushing the backing is difficult.

Most modern diapers use Sodium Polyacrylate as an absorbent gel, with various cellulose fibers to hold the gel in the diaper.. However, some diapers use wood pulp fluff or cotton fibers. However, these are usually custom diapers for people who cannot use Sodium Polyacrylate for some reason. You aren't going to find these without going out of your way to find them.

Because it makes you not have to change a diaper as often!!

Stylish diaper bags for men are made and sold by websites such as Dadgear, Diaperdude, and Pokkadots.

Goodnites are a brand of disposable "absorbent underwear" made for children who wet the bed. It is essentially a disposable diaper that is pulled on and off like normal underwear or training pants rather than being opened and taped on like an ordinary diaper. Goodnites are made by Kimberly-Clark, the same company that makes Huggies, Pull-Ups (training pants), and Depends (adult diapers).

Little air pockets or air cavities in the towel hold the water until squeezed out. All the little microfibers in them make them super strong and absorbent also the sponge pockets make them absorbent.

You should try to change it as soon as you can after you wet, as much as your schedule provides. If you're concerned that you might need to wet more than once before changing you should probably wear a more absorbent diaper.

Abena, I get mine from KCK Medical, they are very comfortable and absorbent Underjams they say they can only fit up to 85lb but they fit me and i I'am 17 and 155lb.

Gerber is actually one of the best diaper companies on the market. They are wll known for having non-irritating, and very absorbent diabers.

Yes. Silk is a natural fiber so it is VERY absorbent. This makes silk material apt for dyeing and unsuitable for dance class (silk absorbs perspiration).

Most modern diapers, like parents choice, use Sodium Polyacrylate as an absorbent gel, with various cellulose fibers to hold the gel in the diaper.

Konfidence USA makes a good swim diaper. It is reusable because it is washable; and it is adjustable to fit the newest or chubbiest baby!

Huggies diapers are a bit more expensive and a bit more absorbent. In a test, the Huggies overnight diaper performed amazingly holding in over 13lbs of baby urine and waste ( the baby had not been changed for 4 times with him using the diaper, he also had diarreah). The off brand diaper leaked and had a blowout at only 3 lbs of baby waste.

"Blue shop" towels. Scott makes a good brand.

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