What is in all soil?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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I think nutrients is in all soil because without nutrients the soil couldn't help plants grow.

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Q: What is in all soil?
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What is the least fertile of all soil?

The desert has the least fertile soil of all.

When was soil made?

soil is made all the time

What do all the soil layers together make?

soil profile

Is all soil brown?

No, we have red clay which is considered soil.

What are the three layers of soil but not humus?

all i know the three types of soil are top soil sub soil and bedrock

What is soil macro fauna?

Soil macrofauna are all organism in the soil visible to the naked eye.

How do plants get nutrients from soil?

The soil is in the roots and soil so the plants soak them all up

Do all worms use castings as soil?

Yes all worms use their castings as soil.

Will plants use up all the soil in the garden?

No they will not use up all the soil but they will use up the nutrients from the soil. This is why fertilizing and soil amendment is important for healthy plant growth.

What are soil?

first of all it is what is soil not what are soil and soil is the dirty dirt on the ground that's every were in the world but not in any kind of water

What type of soil grows fruit best?

I think the best soil for all crops is loamy soil

Why should you show concern for soil?

Soil is important to earth soil is needed of all people in the world