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Independent moral standing refers to the idea that certain entities, such as individuals, animals, or ecosystems, possess inherent value and deserve moral consideration regardless of their instrumental value to others. This perspective emphasizes the importance of respecting the rights and interests of these entities based on their intrinsic worth, rather than solely for the benefits they may provide to humans or society.

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Q: What is independent moral standing?
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Police do ruin their standing when they accept to take bribes.

Why is morality independent of religion?

You can be moral without being religious. You can also be religious without being moral.

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Does the environment has moral standing?

There is ongoing debate among ethicists about whether the environment has intrinsic moral standing, meaning it has inherent value and deserves moral consideration independently of its value to humans. Some argue that the environment has its own intrinsic worth and rights, while others maintain that the environment's value comes from its importance to human well-being. Ultimately, how we treat the environment reflects our ethical beliefs about its moral standing.

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a Simple Sentence

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The person should have strong sense of right from wrong.

According to utilitarian ethics moral standing belongs to?

All who are capable of feeling pain or pleasure.

What are the problems of ethical objectivism?

this is what i found.. Ethical objectivism is in opposition to moral realism, which claims that moral propositions refer to objective facts - independent of human opion -- (deals with morals)

What is pure conservatism?

Standing for lower taxes, less government interference, and a rule of law that upholds justice and a moral code.

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