What is infer red radiation?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is infer red radiation?
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How can astronomers infer approximately how long the universe has been expanded?

Astronomers can determine the expansion of the universe by observing the cosmic background radiation, and the red- or blue-shifting of distant objects.

Why are infer red telescopes kept at low temperatures?

because other wise the infer reddy stuff might dry up

Which radiation can be felt as heat?

Infra-red radiation.

What does an MRI use to scan soft tissues?

it uses infer red

How do anacondas communicate?

they comunicat by sticken there toungh out and infer red lights

Where is infra red radiation emmited from?

Hot objects emit infra-red radiation. E.g. the human body.

What can you infer about a star that exhibits a red shift in its spectra?

It is moving away at a significant speed.

How does radiation in ovens occur?

Thermal radiation is emitted by the red hot heating element.

What has the longest wavelength 1- Ultraviolet radiation 2- Gamma Radiation 3- Visible radiation 4- Infrared radiation?

Infra-red radiation. Listed in acending order of wavelength: 2. Gamma 1. Ultraviolet 3. Visible light 4. Infra-red

What are the dangers of infared waves?

Infra red radiation is part of the Eletromagnetic Spectrum, it includes all types of radiation including: Radio waves, microwaves, Infra red radiation, visible light, ultraviolet, x- rays and gamma rays.Infra red radiation risks: it can damage your cornea.

What is red radiation?

Infrared radiation, is radiation emmitted by heated matter, its wavelengths are around 0.00010 m on the EMS(electromagnetic Spectrum)

What emits radiation without dispersing radioactive material across an area?

A torch. The atoms in the bulb element are point sources emitting visible radiation.