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American Gun Company was the house brand of H&D Folsom Sporting Goods of New York. The Victor was manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT, which was owned by Folsom from 1893 - 1932.

Victor and Knickerbocker were Crescent-Davis (circa 1888 to about 1940) "utility" guns manufactured for various hardware stores, retail outlets, and Folsom's retail outlets.

Currently there is no collector value. Approximate value on any of these are $85 to $150, depending on condition.

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Q: What is information about Victor American Gun Company shotguns?
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How old is a victor ejector American gun company 12 gauge serial number 322878?

Victor shotguns were made by crescent firearms from 1904 to 1920. You can assume your shotgun is at least 90 +/- years old.

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Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Victor Special single shot shotgun number 844931 manufactured by the Crescent Firearms Company?

What information would you want? Crescent made single shotguns from 1893 to 1930. If it has a large side hammer and damascus barrels, it would almost certainly be from before 1915. If it has fluid steel barrels and a center hammer (or is hammerless) then sometime after 1903.

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The manufacture date for an American gun company 12 gauge victor plain serial on barrel 374435?

Somewhere around 1900.

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What is a Victor 20 gauge single shot American gun co new York serial number 535919 worth?

Both Victor and American Gun Company New York were trade names used by Crescent Fire Arms Company in the period 1893-1932. Values will depend on condition and exact model, but somewhere around $75.

What is the value of a 12 ga single shot American shotgun company in New York with victor ejector?

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Where can you find information about an old single shot that says Victor Crescent Firearms Co?

There's not much information available. Crescent made several million single and double barrel shotguns from 1883 to 1930. They marked them with at least 200 different trade names, Victor being one of the more common ones. Singles usually sell between $25 and $75, depending on condition, but they were only $3-$10 when they were new.

What year was American Gun Company's Victor Ejector 12 Gauge single barrel shotgun with serial number 401248 made?

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What is information on Victor 20 gauge shotguns?

The Victor brand name has been used by many firearms manufacturers for a variety of guns, but your single-shot shotgun was most likely produced by Crescent Arms c. 1893-1920. As far as being a promo item, it wouldn't have been manufactured as such, but I suppose some business could have purchased a bunch and given them away, but I doubt it.

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Where can you find out how much a Victor American Gun Company New York 16 gauge single shot shotgun is worth?

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