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Dead Sea

What is information about dead sea?

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1. NOTHING lives in it. It turned salty so quickly, that no marinelife could adapt! 2. It's between Israel and Jordan. 3. The deeper you go in it, the saltier it is. 4. The water is sooo dense, you float in it. 5. Salt and minerals are taken out of it for cosmetics! 123 smart one 123... that's me!

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Important information about the Dead Sea?

It was used highly for trades and there is no life in the Dead Sea because of the high water salt content.

What sea is nicknamed the Dead sea?

The Dead Sea is also called the Dead Sea.

Where is the Dead Sea pictures of the dead sea?

look in the dead sea and you will find it :)

What is dead sea made out of from the dead sea?

Dead Sea is made out of water.

Is dead sea a ocean or sea?

Dead sea should be a sea.

How large is the Dead Sea?

According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, the Dead Sea is "50 mi (80 km) long and up to 11 mi (18 km) wide." For more information on the Dead Sea, see at the Related Link.

Why does the dead sea has no waves?

dead sea dead liao

Is the Dead Sea an ocean?

No. The Dead Sea is a sea; not an ocean.

Is the dead sea a sea or a lake?

The Dead Sea is a lake.

What is saltier the red sea or the dead sea?

Dead Sea

Which sea surrounds the dead sea?

No sea - The Dead Sea is entirely landlocked

Is the dead sea actually dead?

no there are micro organisms in the dead sea

What sea is dead sea?

its only a TRIP to call a dead sea:))

Which is more salty Black Sea or dead sea?

Dead Sea.

Which sea has the highest salinity in the world?

dead seathe dead sea

Which is larger the Dead Sea or the Sea of Galilee?

The Dead Sea is bigger

Is the Dead Sea connected to the Mediterranean Sea?

No, the Dead Sea is not connected to the Mediterranean Sea.

Find facts about the dead sea?

- Your mom has been to the dead sea - you can "woohoo" in the dead sea - Hi

Why dead sea is important?

No dead sea is not important

What is the temperature in the dead sea?

what is the temperature in dead sea

Where does the water come from in the dead sea and what are the names of the rivers that flow into the dead sea?

Where does the water come from in the dead sea and what are the names of the rivers and tributaries that flow into the dead sea?

Is the red sea and the dead sea the same thing?

The Dead Sea and the Red Sea is the same.

Which is larger red sea or dead sea?

The red sea is larger than the dead sea.

What is red but not red and dead but not dead?

This is a riddle. The answer is The Red Sea and The Dead Sea.

Which is the largest lake in israel the dead sea or the sea of gailee?

dead sea

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