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Infrared radiation is when earths surface radiates some of earths surface back into the atmosphere
infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation, which involves waves rather than particles. This means that unlike conduction and convection radiation can even pass through the vacuum of space.
infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation which is emitted in the form of heat. infrared radiation is invisible

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Types of radiation in an infrared wave?

infrared radiation is classified in to three types they arenear- infrared radiationmid-infrared radiationfar-infrared radiation

What is the common name for infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation, infrared, heat radiation.

How are infrared waves and infrared radiation related?

infrared waves and infrared radiation both are same

Is heat radiation called infrared radiation?

yes, heat radiation is called infrared radiation

What has the longest wavelength ultraviolent radiation gamma radiation visible radiation infrared radiation?

infrared radiation is the longest.

Is infrared radiation harmful?

No, it is not. In fact, infrared radiation is actually heat.

Are infrared and ultraviolet radiation visible?

no, infrared and ultraviolet radiation are invisible

Is infrared radiation visible to humans?

infrared radiation is invisible to humans

Give an example of infrared radiation and uv radiation?

Infrared radiation in an stove oven and uv radiation in a tanning bed.

How is infrared radiation different from visible radiation?

infrared radiation is lower frequency and longer wavelength than visible radiation.

Is infrared radiation more energetic than visible radiation?

no, visible radiation is more energetic than infrared radiation

Which radiation has the longest wavelengths -ultraviolet or infrared radiation?

infrared radiation has longest wavelength than ultraviolet radiation

Is electromagnetic radiation infrared radiation?

No, not in general. It is rather the other way around. Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetic radiation spans multiple types of radiation, from microwaves, light, infrared, ultraviolet, radio, and more. So electromagnetic radiation could be infrared, but that is just one type of electromagnetic radiation

Infrared radiation is what type of energy?

Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic energy

What type of electromagnetic radiation does an infrared telescope collect?

It collects infrared radiation.

Do fluids emit infrared radiation?

Anything with heat emits infrared radiation. If any matter is above absolute zero, it emits infrared radiation.

How hot is infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation is sometimes referred to as thermal radiation. The temperature of infrared radiation varies from object to object. All objects radiate infrared, even objects at room temperature and frozen objects.

What is the abbreviation for infrared?

IR - Infrared Radiation

Which passes through glass without a problem infrared or ultraviolet radiation?

infrared radiation

What are the risks of infrared radiation?

One of the risks of infrared radiation is excessive heating and/or burns.

What radiation do toasters use?

Infrared radiation.

What radiation can heat be detected as?

Infrared radiation.

Do all molecules absorb infrared radiation?

No all molecules do not absorb infrared radiation. Some of them do.

What is the smallest infrared radiation wavelength?

the smallest infrared radiation wavelength is ranging from 0.75-1.3micrometre

Which form of radiation has the longest wavelength between infrared and visible?

Infrared radiation has longer wavelengths.