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Always money

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Q: What is inside a envelope in Chinese New Year?
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What will the Chinese do during the Chinese New Year?

The Chinese give about $200.00 every year to their nieces, nephues, granddaughters, grandsons, daughters, sons, anybody in their family, in a lunar envelope. If you're wondering what a lunar envelope is, it is a special, red envelope that you put money in, and give away to your relatives every Chinese new year. ( Only Chinese people use the lunar envelope! )

What are some popular Chinese gifts?

A popular Chinese gift is a red envelope that has money inside of it. The money inside a red envelope should always be new, crisp, and clean. Otherwise, it is considered rude.

Why is it good luck to see the first day of Chinese new year?

The Red envelope with lucky money do.

What are some creative Chinese restaurant names for your restaurant?

China Jade China Jewel New Year Restaurant *last name* Chinese Cuisine Luck Peace Joy Happiness Cuisine Red Envelope Restaurant Year of The ****** Chinese Cuisine

What does a Chinese New Year red envelope do for you?

The red on the little packets/envelopes for Chinese New Year represent happiness. That's why everybody wears red on Chinese New Year - the Chinese believe that red shows luck, prosperity, fortune, and longevity.

What is inside the small red envelopes that you receive from your elders on Chinese new year?

Inside the small red envelopes there is money that will bring you luck all year.

What is the Chinese new year in English?

chinese new year

What is the Chinese new year?

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What is Chinese New Years all about?

What is Chinese New Year all about?

What is the Chinese New Year story?

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What animal is 1980 in the Chinese New Year?

The animal that represented the Chinese New Year in 1981 was the rooster.

What is the difference between Korean new year and the Chinese New Year?

Korean new year is same as Chinese New Year