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Q: What is inside the Pokemon Stadium 2 box?
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Is there another game like Pokemon Stadium?

Pokemon stadium 2,yes

How do you get the Pokemon Stadium 1 in Smash Bros Brawl?

brawl on Pokemon stadium 2 15x

Are there rental Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?


How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64?

You must bring a lugia from gold or silver to use it in Pokemon stadium 2.

How do you get the Pokemon Stadium1in Smash Bros Brawl?

To unlock the original Pokemon Stadium, you must play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times.

How do you transfer Pokemon fire red for gba gamepak to Pokemon Stadium 2?

It is not possible to utilize Firered for Pokemon Stadium 2 as the Transfer Pak is only compatible with Gameboy games.

Can you trade Pokemon from ruby emerald to Pokemon Stadium 2?


Is Pokemon collesium a sequel to Pokemon Stadium 2?

No, they were separate.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Fire Red to Pokemon Stadium 2?

you cant

How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

You must use a transfer pak and use a gold or silver or crystals lugia to use it on Pokemon stadium 2.

Pokemon Stadium 2 how to unlock Mewtwo?

You cannot get Mewtwo in Pokemon Stadium 2. You do, however, face it along with Ho-Oh and Lugia when you face your rival.

Where can you buy the Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2 game besides eBay?

Search for Pokemon stadium on Google, then when that page loads press on shopping at the top of the page and that will take you to a bunch of Pokemon stadium games.

Pokemon Stadium 2 all Pokemon?

Pokemon Stadium 2 allows you to utilize all 251 pokemon however some are only available through use of the Transfer Pak. Mew and Celebi can be unlocked by completing all modes on Round 2.

How do you get Mewtwo for Pokemon stadium 2?

Mewtwo isn't unlockable in Pokemon Stadium 2. You will need to register it from either Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal version.

What are all the n64 pokemon games?

Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Stadium 2 Hey You, Pikachu! Pokemon Puzzle League Pokemon Snap

How do you trade PokΓ©mon in Pokemon Yellow version?

There are 3 methods you can trade with Yellow version: One method involves the use of the Gameboy Link Cable accessory, while the other uses the Nintendo 64 game Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Stadium 2.Method 1: Connect two Gameboy's together using the Link Cable and have both games enter a Pokemon Center and speak to the lady near the PC. She will ask you to save your game then choose Trade Center. Have both games do this and confirm the link using the A button. Inside the Trade Center sit down in the seats and screen will appear with your pokemon on it. Choose which pokemon you want to trade and confirm your choice, have the other game do the same. Confirm one more time and the trade will commence. Allow the game to save and the trade will be successfull.Method 2: Insert a Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak into the Nintendo 64 controller and insert Yellow version inside the pak. Turn on Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Stadium 2 and choose Professor Oak's Lab. Once inside select the PC and change the right box to N64 Box 1. Move your pokemon from either your Party or GB Boxes (stands for Gameboy) and put them in the N64 Box. Allow the game to save your changes and turn the game off. Insert a new game into the pak such as Red version and take the pokemon Yellow version left inside the N64 Box. This method will not evolve pokemon like Kadabra.Method 3: With two Transfer Pak accessories you can use the Trade Machine in Professor Oak's Lab in Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2. Insert the games you want to trade with in each pak and turn on the game. Choose the lab and select the Trade Machine. Select the pokemon you want to trade and confirm that choice and do the same with the other controller. Confirm your choice one more time and allow the game to save and the trade will be successfull.There are also trainers in-game that will trade with the player as long as they provide the pokemon that trainer wants. For example one trainer asks for a Raichu and will trade you an Electrode for said Raichu. If you accept his offer the game will do an automatic trade sequence and you will receive the Raichu.

Are Entei along with Raikou and Suicune rental Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium 2?

Yes Entei, Raikou and Suicune are all available as rental Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2 you can choose them at any time as long as your not playing little cup rules.

How do you face the rival in Pokemon Stadium 2?

you have to defeat red and finish all the cups in the stadium.

Is typhlosion in Pokemon battle stadium 2?


What is the setup password of Pokemon Stadium 2 DVD game?

you don't have to type anything in the passwor box, just click next.

Pokemon Stadium 2?

Pokemon Stadium 2 is the sequel to Pokemon Stadium. The game features all 251 pokemon and allows connectivity to Gold, Silver, and Crystal version. The game features more minigame modes, more free battle options, a larger gym leader castle, a My Room mode, and even allows connectivity with Mystery Gift.

Do you have to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?

It's not possible to capture Pokemon so no. You can unlock pokemon like Mew and Celebi.

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

you have to have a transfer pack and from the games silver and gold you transfer lugia into ur stadium

Can Pokemon Stadium 2 be found in a Gamestop?

no you cant buy

Is Pokemon Stadium 2 for a DSi?

No, it's for Nintendo 64.