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What is inside the pyramids?

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When the powerful Egyptians died they were put inside of a pyramid all wrapped up and put in their cases. If they had animals they were put in there too dead as well and then went into the after life.

The entrance leads to a long shaft inside that travels deep underground to an empty chamber, the real chambers where they buried pharaohs and queens is covered by a wall of bricks. it splits in the middle of the original shaft and goes to the upper part of the pyramid. there they stored the mummies and canopic jars in which they put organs from the body. there was always a vent or airway in the chamber to the outside of the pyramids; this allowed the spirit of the god to come and go.

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What was found inside the pyramids?

mummies were found inside the pyramids

Why did ancient Egyptians put sculptures inside pyramids?

they put them inside pyramids for decoration and rememberance.

What is in pyramids?

Inside the pyramids were dead bodies, because the pyramids protected the dead bodies.

What was inside the pyramids?

there were tombs inside the pyramids for the pharohs. they also had all of their riches and such so that they could be comfortable in the afterlife.

What would you find inside of the pyramids?

Inside pyramids are mummy's buried. In history it is explained that the Pharaohs in Egypt are buried after death.

Why did they have dead ends in the Egyptian pyramids?

to stop thieves form stealing what was inside the pyramids

What were inside pyramids?

the kings body and treasures

Were there labyrinths inside the Egyptian Pyramids?


What did they put in Egypt pyramids?

they put the bodies of pharaohs and their belongings and sometimes their cat inside the pyramids

What is inside the pyramids of giza?

For the most part, burial chambers are found inside the pyramids of Giza. Most of them have been fully explored and the chambers cataloged.

What is the functions of the wives pyramids?

The Wives' Pyramids were smaller pyramids next to the larger ones where Egyptian pharaohs were buried. Inside the small pyramids the wives of these late pharaohs were buried.

Where were pharaohs buried after pyramids?

Pharaohs are buried inside a Sir Koffagus or a Coffin before they put them in the Pyramids.

Why were the mummies put in the pyramids?

The pyramids were used for security. Inside the pyramids are false tombs, dead-ends, traps, etc. to keep robbers from stealing.

What do pyramids look like inside?

lots of mummies

Where were Mayan rulers buried?

Inside pyramids and temples

What is inside the Egyptians pyramids?

some of the pyramids had many treasures of gold and silver that was buried with the Pharaoh when he or she died, most of the pyramids have now been plundered to nothingness.

What was the purpose of the Queen's pyramids?

Egyptian pyramids were basically large elaborate tombs/memorials. Pharaohs commissioned the pyramids to be built so they could be buried inside.

Why did the Pharaohs in the new kingdom stop building pyramids?

One reason is that the pyramids drew attention to the tombs inside them

Who used to live in the pyramids?

I dont believe anyone actually lived in the Pyramids. You might find tombs inside.

Why were ventilation shafts built in the pyramids?

I imagine so that people that needed to work inside the pyramids could breathe

Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids in Egypt?

Egyptians built pyramids to bury their dead inside. They usually consisted of the Pharoah in the center.

Did China build pyramids?

Yes. China built pyramids with flat tops to put emperors and the emperor's relatives inside.

What do Pyramids look like on the inside?

dark creepe and dusty

In ancient Egypt what was inside the pyramids?

the tombs & all decorations

How do the pyramids of Giza differ from the stone pyramids?

The Pyramids of Giza are wonders of the world. They have three pyramids and a servant complex. The stone pyramids are different because they were usually built as step pyramids. The Pyramids of Giza were made of stone, but they had gold caps on the top. The Pyramids of Giza also have traps and mazes inside so tomb robbers won't reach the king's riches.

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