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1. There is about a 70% chance of survival although the surgical operation didn't usually cause death but the infection afterwards

2. The process took roughly 30-60mins to complete


The tools commonly used in trepanning included a sharp knife, which is used to cut through the skin of the skull and made it possible to pull back the flaps, and a borer similar to a corkscrew. Surgeons also use brushes and files to tidy up the final area around the hole.

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Q: What is interesting about trepanning?
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When was trepanning used?

Trepanning was used as far back as the Neolithic period, around 10,000 years ago. It continued to be practiced in various civilizations throughout history for treating head injuries, relieving pressure from brain swelling, and for spiritual or ritualistic purposes.

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When did migraine discover?

Ancient cave peoples treated Migraine with a procedure called Trepanning.

Did Ancient China invent surgery?

Skulls from primitive man have been found with holes bored in them for brain surgery (called trepanning)

What is involved in trepanation?

Trepanning or trephining, in which the surgeon drilled a hole as large as 1-2 in diameter in the patient's skull without benefit of anesthesia.

What is the middle ages cure for head aches?

Trepanning which is when a barber or doctor drills a hole in your head to let out the bad spirits. It obviously didn't work and they usually died.

What is the large opening at the base of the skull?

The large opening at the base of the skull is called the foramen magnum. It allows the spinal cord to pass through and connect to the brain.

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