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Painless death.

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What is ironic about euthanasia centers open by Nazis?

not much...

When did the Nazis start their euthanasia program?

October 1939 - Nazis Begin Euthanasia on Sick and DisabledOCTOBER 1939- NAZIS BEGIN EUTHANASIA ON SICK AND DISABLED

Why is it ironic that the Nazis kept carefuldetailed records of all who were exterminated?

it would be ironic if it were those records that condemned them.

Should it be legal to euthanize individuals as occurred in the Nazi's T4 Euthanasia Program?

No. The Nazis exterminated people against their will. The Nazis did the choosing and chose who they thought shouldn't be allowed to live. Euthanasia as discussed today is the termination life as a humane act. The Nazis did not exterminate people for humane reasons.The word euthanasia in your question should be highlighted in quotation marks since Nazi killing was anything but humane.

What is ironic about the Neo - Nazis who have gone to Germany?

Some of the Nazi Party were jewish.

Why did the Nazis kill old people?

The simple answer is that the Nazi euthanasia program targeted incurables, not old people as such.

How did the nazis use euthanasia?

The Nazis euthanized an incredibly large number of people. They did this via poison gas, shootings, hangings, experimentation, and starvation, among other things.

When the Nazis end their euthanasia programs?

When they were defeated by the Russians, Americans, British and other Allied nations in May 1945.

Why is it ironic that the Nazis kept careful detailed records of all who were exterminated?

It was ironic because their meitculous record keeping was used as evidence to try the people involved in the Holocaust in a court of law.

When did the Nazis begin their euthanasia program?

What?! The Nazis did not begin any euthanasia program. They did medical experiments on living people, and tortured and murdered many others. But there was no euthanasia program.There's some misunderstanding here. (It doesn't look to me as if the questioner is using the word euthanasia as a synonym for the Holocaust). The Nazis did all of the above. There was a Nazi euthanasia programme in addition to the main Holocaust and the medical experiments. It was directed against certain categories of mentally and physically incurable "Aryans" and was in full swing from about October 1939- September 1941, when it was drastically cut back following protests (which were later joined by Roman Catholics). It was codenamed the T4 Programme (or Action) and some historians, such as Ian Kershaw, have suggested that the scaling back of this programme left expert killers available for the Holocaust.Clarification:The Nazis exterminated people against their will. The Nazis did the choosing and chose who they thought shouldn't be allowed to live. Euthanasia as discussed today is the termination life as a humane act.The word euthanasia in your question should be highlighted in quotation marks since Nazi killing was anything but humane. It was a systematic extermination of less than perfect human beings.Please see the links below for more information.

What did the Nazis call euthanasia?

They used the word Euthanasie. As a result the word is 'tainted', and in current contexts the Germans use the word Sterbehilfe - assisted death.

What opened in 1993 that tells the story of 11000000 people killed by the Nazis?

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC opened in that year.

What year did the Nazis open Auschwitz 1 2 and 3?

Auschwitz I opened on May 1941 Auschwitz II Birkenau opened on October 1941 Auschwitz III Monowitz opened on October 1943

Why did the Nuremberg Trials take place in Nuremberg?

It was rather a ironic and symbolic place to hold the trials. From 1927-1938, the Nazis held major rallies there. It was there where the Nazis passed the Nuremberg Laws, outlawing the Jews doing really anything.

Why did the Nazis start Auschwitz concentration Camp?

The camp opened in May 1940 and initially was intended as a very tough concentration camp for Poles who resisted or didn't co-operate with the Nazis.

What was the most common method that Nazis used to commit mass murder at the killing centers?

1. Gassing (with lethal gas). 2. Shooting.

What was genocide of retarded people called in Germany during World War 2?

It was called euthanasia ('mercy killing') and code named T-4. The Nazis also continued to kill the mentally and physically handicapped along with Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals during World War 2. But they still used euthanasia to gas them

What did Hitler and the Nazis think about modern art?

Weimar Germany was one of the chief European centers for modern art and sciences. Hitler and the Nazis, however, rejected modern art as "Desgenerate". They believed they could make a new genuine German art.

What are reasons to be against euthanasia?

Mistakes - people may opt for euthanasia because they believe they have a terminal illness, but after death this could be found to have been a misdiagnosis. Euthanasia goes against the Hippocratic oath which is taken by doctors - says that they will prolong life. This stems from Greek Philosopher Hippocrates (460-370 BCE) - 'I will not prescribe a deadly drug to please someone, nor give advice that may cause his death'. The 'slippery slope' argument -- that the legalisation of active euthanasia would lead to the legalisation of compulsory euthanasia, or types of euthanasia which would possibly conclude with the sorts of involuntary euthanasia used by the Nazis on the sick, the disabled, and the elderly, and the experiments that were done on them. Legalising active euthanasia could lead to horrific acts being morally accepted. Proposed by John Glover although Helga Kushe says this hasn't happened in the Netherlands where euthanasia is legal. Manipulation - euthanasia would allow elderly relatives to be coerced into opting for Euthanasia because they feel like they are a burden on their family, or because they have relatives that wish to benefit from inheritance after the death - they want the person's death to be sooner as this would benefit them. This idea was proposed by Glover in 1977 as he felt that the elderly and lonely would be taken advantage of. He also thought that euthanasia would devalue life and could create a second class of people made up of the sick and the disabled. Religions, such as Christianity, would argue that Euthanasia is 'playing God' as only God can give life, and therefore only He should be able to take life. Those who see euthanasia as murder would also argue that in the Ten Commandments we are told 'thou shalt not murder' and therefore euthanasia goes against God.

Who were the sonderkommando as used in the killing centers?

The (Jewish) Sonderkommando, or special squads were known under many different names. They were squads made up of inmates who worked in the killing centers, dealing with the people before the Nazis killed them and with the the processing and disposal after the murders.

When and by whom was the first motorway opened in Germany?

The first road of this kind was completed in 1932 between Cologne and Bonn. It was opened by Konrad Adenauer the Mayor of Cologne on 6 August 1932, a year before the Nazis came to power.

Who killed the Jews in Euthanasia?

There's some confusion here. The Nazi regime systematically murdered incurably ill patients until about August 1941 but then scaled back the programme in view of public protests from some Roman Catholic bishops. The Nazis called the programme 'euthanasia' ('mercy-killing'). The genocide of the Jews was separate and started a little later - in December 1941. However, many of the SS-men who were active in the euthanasia programme went on to play a key part in the Holocaust.

Why and in what areas were the Nazis able to provide more jobs?

Factories needed to be opened to produce many different materials providing jobs for anyone who could or would work.

Why did the Holocaust target the handicapped?

They targeted the handicapped because they were no use to the Nazis because they couldn't work. The Nazis were going about creating a master race of perfect human beings. Anyone who did not fit into Hitler's ideal person was targeted. That is why they exterminated who they exterminated: basically those who were not blond haired and blue eyed and those who were crippled/handicapped. It was known as euthanasia plan. Says omar.

D-day invasion that opened a second front against the Nazis?

Not really a question, but yes. The idea of D-Day was to create two fronts for Germany to defend.