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Mrs. Sappleton's niece makes up a story about her aunt's deceased husband and brothers returning from a hunting trip, adding to Framton's distress as he believes the ghosts are real based on her convincing storytelling and unexpected behavior. This increases his anxiety and causes him to flee the house in fear.

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Q: What is it about Mrs. Sappleton's niece that causes Framton additional distress in The Open Window?
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Who is referred as Bertie in Saki's short story ' The Open Window '?

Bertie is the nickname of Framton Nuttel, the main character in Saki's short story "The Open Window." He is visiting the Sappletons and is the focus of a practical joke played by Vera, the niece of the household.

Why was mrs sappleton's conversation horrible to framton?

Mr. Sappleton's conversation was horrible to Framton because she unknowingly brought up the topic of the open window, not realizing it was a sensitive subject connected to a traumatic event in Framton's life. This caused him great distress and embarrassment, making the conversation unbearable for him.

What does a bicyclist have to do to avoid hitting framton in the story the open window?

The bicyclist ran into a hedge to avoid hitting Framton

Who is the antagonist in the short storythe open window?

Its Framton Nuttel

Who is the young man that was sent to the country for a nerve cure in the open window?

Framton Nuttel

How would you describe the personality of Framton Nuttel one of the main characters in and ldquoThe Open Window and rdquo?

Framton Nuttel in "The Open Window" appears to be nervous and gullible, easily influenced by the fanciful storytelling of the young girl, Vera. He is described as suffering from a nervous condition and seems socially awkward, making him vulnerable to Vera's elaborate story. Overall, he comes across as easily persuaded and lacking in discernment.

How are the characters round and flat in Open the window by Saki?

I think its vera because she is merely described as a "self possessed lady of fifteen" and there is little know about her in apperance. and there is little known of her motivation about her lie abot mrs sappletons "tragedy"

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What actors and actresses appeared in Open Window - 1972?

The cast of Open Window - 1972 includes: William Beckley as Ronnie Alan Caillou as Mr. Sappleton Cindy Eilbacher as Vera Britt Leach as Framton Nuttel Mary Wickes as Mrs. Sappleton Rosalie Williams as Emily

What does mrs.sappleton talk about when she meets framton?

In the short story "The Open Window" By H.H Munro (Saki), Framton Nuttel is supposed to be undergoing a "nerve cure", so he is sent on some sort of rural vacation by his doctors. Mrs. Sappleton is a woman that Nuttel's sister knew, so she sends him to her house to stay for a while. This does not work out as Nuttel's sister had hoped, which can be accredited to Mrs. Sappleton's niece, who has a penchant for trickery.

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What is the conflict in the story a wind in the door?

The conflict of this story is man .vs. man. Vera deliberately exploits Nuttel's nervousness for her own pleasure. The secondary conflict could be man .vs. self (Nuttel's nervousness fuels Vera's storytelling). Trying to decide the conflict is easy if you look at character motivation...what does the character want or need, how does he go about getting it, and who/what stands in the way.