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Being impeached.

Being impeached is incorrect. The House votes whether to "impeach" a president with articles concerning the charges. Once impeached, the Senate votes whether to remove a president from office, while the Chief Justice presides over the trial. Bill Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office.

I think kicking a president out of office is simply referred to as removal from office.

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The citizens can not directly recall a president or otherwise remove him from office.

The House has available a process known as impeachmentwhich upon conviction vy the Senate can remove a president.

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When a formal accusation of wrongdoing is lobbied against a sitting president (or any other senior official) it is known as an impeachment.

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They are impreached.

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Q: What is it called When a judge or executive is removed from office?
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What can judges be removed from office for?

Any judge that breaks the law.

Which 2 branches of government can remove a judge from office?

The President can appoint the judge and the Senate must vote to see if teh Judge is removed from office or not.

The first judge to be removed from office as a result of impeachment proceedings was?

John pickering

How long is a term in office of a supreme court justice or a federal judge?

Until they retire, die, or are removed from office by Congress.

What is it called to accuse a judge of a crime?

To accuse a judge of a crime is called impeachment. If an official is found guilty of a crime they can be impeached and removed from their appointment.

The meeting in the judge's office is called what?

Diction meeting

What is the judges office called?

Chambers or judge's Chambers

Can a judge be removed from office if Congress disagrees with his or her decision in a case?

No. A judge may be removed from office for misconduct (breaking the law). But while that isn't listed as grounds for impeachment of a federal judge in and of itself. however, congress sets its own rules of evidence and there is no court of appeal for their decision. If the essence of the case were that the jurists decision was so flawed that it indicated that the jurist was permanently impaired, incompetent, or corrupt and refused to step down from the bench, then impeachment might be called for. Only 14 federal judges have been removed by impeachment since 1789.

What ia a room where a judge transacts business?

The judge does his business in a court room. More specifically, his office in the courthouse is called his chambers.

Why is it important to the judges to appoint to office rather than elected and that they cannot be removed from office unless impeached?

· The importance of appointing judges is interpretitions of law and will not be subject to change according to a different judge.

How long is the term in office of a supreme court justice or a federal judge?

According to Article III of the US Constitution, federal judges "hold their offices during good behaviour," meaning they are appointed for life unless they commit an impeachable offense and are removed from office.

What is the job of a judge executive?

a chief executive writes the opinion for each case if he/she is in the majority.