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The proper term is exactly what you said: "to apply mascara." As you are putting it on you are "applying mascara," and when you have it on you must have "applied mascara" earlier that day.

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What is clear mascara?

Mascara that is called clear mascara

What is Egyptian mascara called?

The name of Egyptian mascara is called KOHL.

How do you use mascara?

to apply mascara u get the brush and gently brush up against you eye lashes

When do you know if your mascara is bad?

After you apply mascara your eyelashes are clogged up and your mascara comb or brush can't even go through them, then it is the time for you to get a new mascara.It also develops a sour unpleasant smell after it has gone bad.

My eyelids droop and whenever I put mascara on my eyelid lays on my eyelashes and mascara gets on my eyelid.One of my eyes has a crease the other one has no crease. Is it possible to put mascara on?

Apply mascara first, immediately close your eyes and wait for...oh, 30 seconds should do it. Then apply a little makeup remover to a cotton swab and remove any mascara from your eyelids, then do the rest of your eyes.

Where on your body do you use mascara?

Mascara is for the eyelashes. Mascara comes with a lid and attached is a wand to apply the makeup to your lashes to darken, thicken or elongate them you can do your upper lashes and lower lashes if you like.

What was the name for Ancient Egyptian mascara?

The name for the Ancient Egyptian mascara was called "kohl."

What do I use since I lost my mascara wand?

Since you lost your mascara wand, I recommend that you buy a new mascara. Mascara can attract germs easily, and without a wand (and presumably the cap) this problem will likely be worse. If this is a newer mascara, you can apply with a liner brush or wash off the wand from a cheaper mascara (such as a $1 option from the discount brand sections).

How do you make colored mascara show up even better?

First apply a thick coat of black mascara. Then use the colored. It will help it pop.

Do you apply false eyelashes before or after makeup?

I usually apply my eyeshadow and eyeliner BEFORE applying false eyelashes. Then I apply mascara so that my real eyelashes blend with the falsies better. Hey Hun :) Well Firstly You have to apply all your eyeshadow and eyeliner and a little mascara ONLY to the top eyelashe's as when you close your eye's the mascara on the bottom lashe's will smudge:) Hope This helps! Kisses :) *If you want to know how to apply false eyelashe's look it up and ive answerd it :)

How do you apply mascara to bottom eyelashes to avoid smudging?

you apply the mascara at the bottom of your eye lash the same way on the top just that you coat both of the sides with water proof mascara. -Lauren Viasey- Master of make up - - - - - There are a couple of ways. You can hold the wand vertically and stroke each lash going up and down. Or you can hold it vertically and sweep it from side to side across your lashes. You can also buy "bottom lash mascara" that has a very small brush. This you would hold horizontally and apply like the mascara on your upper lashes.

Is mascara made of bat guano?

No. There is an ingredient in mascara called guanine but it does not come from bat excrement/guano. Mascara is made of oils, pigments, and preservatives.

Does curling your eyelashes flatten them out?

No it turns them up so your lashes look longer. My tip is: 1. Curl lashes from as close to the eyelid as you can. 2. Apply two coats of mascara 3. Wait about ten minutes for mascara to dry and curl them again, apply one more coat of mascara. I get many compliments on my eyelashes.

Are Mac Mascara products natural?

If you are referring to what is in Mac mascara products, no they aren't made with organic ingredients. But, Mac mascara products are hypo allergenic and apply well and look great. They give your eyes a natural enhanced appearance.

Tips for Applying Eyelash Extender?

A product called an eyelash extender is applied directly to the eyelashes to increase their size. In order to make the most of the product, it should be applied in a certain way to gain the longest eyelashes possible. First, apply a coat of mascara as a base on the eyelashes. Before it dries, apply the eyelash extender on top of the mascara. Wait a minute or two until the eyelashes are dry, and then seal with a final coat of mascara. This processes guarantees the longest and fullest eyelashes, using only an eyelash extender product and a simple tube of mascara!

Do you put mascara first or curl first?

you can do it either way. i prefer to curl it before i apply mascara because i find it spreads out my lashes a bit more, but it's up to you

What types of mascara has bat poop in it?

NONE!!!! The chemical called "guanine" that they use in mascara is NOT made from bat products!

How do you apply maybelline falsies mascara?

I just got that mascara and I absolutely love it!! If you see the brush, it's slightly curved which is perfect for your lashes. To apply, I usually have the where's it curved to my lashes and apply. But to me, it doesn't matter if you use it like that or use the other side. It makes your lashes full and long!(: good luck!(:

How do you apply mascara to your bottom eye lashes?

My advice is: DO NOT WEAR MASCARA ON THE BOTTOM LASHES. They used to do this in the '80s, but not anymore. If you don't use water proof mascara, the mascara will come onto your skin and make dark circles under your eyes and its not very attractive. My advice is: DO NOT WEAR MASCARA ON THE BOTTOM LASHES. They used to do this in the '80s, but not anymore. If you don't use water proof mascara, the mascara will come onto your skin and make dark circles under your eyes and its not very attractive.

How can I apply my makeup to bring out my eyes?

Well to bring out your eyes you will want to apply a liberal amount of eye shadow that will complement the color of your eyes, then also apply an good mascara that does not clump.

Does Loreal make a waterproof mascara?

Loreal makes a really great waterproof mascara called Loreal Lash Architect.

How do you put on mascara?

Just follow these simple steps.1. Open the mascara and take the brush out.2. Then slowly apply the mascara starting from the tip to the roots of the eyelashes. You don't need to put the mascara on top of your eyelashes.3. and then u have on mascara!! Great Job!Answer BIt really depends on what the curvature of your mascara brush is, but the basic idea is to apply the mascara by dragging the wand (brush) carefully through your lashes from the roots to the tip. It is also recommended to achieve a more natural look that you push the brush gently from side to side as you do so (though not very much), and that afterwards you run an eyelash comb gently through your eyelashes to remove clumps and prevent the lashes from sticking together.

How do you make eyelashes longer?

Using Vaseline! Suprisingly If you apply Vaseline for a Week , Day And Night, You Lashes will Grow! All You Do Is ,,,, 1)Clean Out A Mascara Brush With Warm water. 2) Dip The Brush In Vaseline (You Can Also Us Vaseline Lip Balm) 3) Appy To Bottom And Top Of your Eyelashes. Or.. Use Products...Curl You Lashes And apply lots of coats of Mascara. Or DON'T apply mascara at all because it Stops lashes from growing !!! Hope That Helped !

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