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Q: What is it called when a mechanical wave that transports a lot of energy?
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A mechanical wave that transports a lot of energy will have a?


What transports energy?

A wave transports energy. The greater the energy, the greater the amplitude of the wave.

A wave transports energy but not matter true or false?

A wave does not transport energy and matter.

Is an ultrasound wave mechanical vibrating energy?

ultrasound wave is a wave due to mechanical vibration,

Does a mechanical wave require a medium in order to transport energy from one location to another?

A mechanical wave is a wave that is not capable of transmitting its energy through a vacuum. Mechanical waves require a medium in order to transport their energy from one location to another. A sound wave is an example of a mechanical wave.

What is the disturbance in matter that carries energy from one place to another?

A wave is a disturbance that transfers energy from place to place.

Is a mechanical wave a sound wave?

Yes, a sound wave is a mechanical wave. Sound waves need a medium (like air) to travel through. The energy of the wave, the mechanical energy, is transferred into the medium through which it is propagated.

Does the energy of a mechanical wave depend on the amplitude of the wave?


What is a mechanical wave and a medium?

A mechanical wave is a wave the transfers energy through a medium If anyone know what a mechanical waves medium is add an answer to this question

The amplitude of a mechanical wave shows?

how much energy the wave is transporting

What is a source of mechanical energy?


What travels on a mechanical wave?

energy, and not matter