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It is called planetery alignment.


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Technically it CAN'T be aligned with the planets, because the planets' positions change all the time.

The 8 planets never have and never will all line up. But when two planets are aligned it is called a syzygy

They're not "aligned", but they all do orbit in APPROXIMATLY the same plane (which we call the zodiac).

Planets Aligned was created on 2008-09-18.

Nothing will happen. It will just be a beautiful sight.

A planetary alignment. Conjunction is the term when they just appear to be aligned from an observer's point of view.

hey i found a date where all but 1 of the planets are aligned give or take 10% 213bc

It is a function of the synodic periods of the planets.

The planets are lined straight.

not really but my teacher told us a story why she was named venus it all started here "the 9 planets aligned on march 10 1982 dat was the day she was born the planets aligned very quik she said. but i dont really know about it much sooo.....

The planets and the sun all together is called a solar system.

it would be the average of all of all the planets .

Not all of the planets are held by gravity.

he found out that all of the planets were once aligned and called Pangaea one large continent this went on for about 6 400 000 000 years 6.4 billion

No that's what the four outer planets are called.

Flashpoint - 2008 Planets Aligned 1-9 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-14

The tiny region in a magnet where all the atoms are grouped together and their poles are aligned is called a Domain.

It has never happened, and never will. The center of the galaxy does not lie in the plane of the ecliptic, so all the planets can never line up pointing that way.

In many cases, there is no point to asking "why" about physical facts. The planets formed; this is how they are.That's the order in which they were formed

Nothing detectable without very sensitive instruments.

Some planets get aligned several times per year. It is called a conjunction. Although this is correct it's not all there is to the story. A mutual occultation (total alignment) of planets, although rare, does happen. The next alignment will be approximately November 22, 2065

No. Planets form by a process called accretion, which is driven by gravity. Nobody creates planets.

All the Planets are called Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.You can also have a easy method remembering planets and this is how it goesMy Very Easy Method Speeds Up Naming Planets.

All gangs aligned under La Gran Mafia are called Surenos.

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