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A plate boundary is the term for when two tectonic plates rub together. Tectonic plates are solid rocks that make up the Earth's crust.

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Q: What is it called when two tectonic plates rub together?
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What happens when tectonic plates rub together?

When two plates rub together the ground starts to shake and the is called an Earthquake ( seismic wave ).

What does tectonic hazards mean?

tectonic hazards are where two plates rub together

Why are most of the earthquakes and volcanoes located at the border of the tectonic plates?

The plates rub together

How do tectonic plates cause earthquakes?

There is an estimated 7 Tectonic plates and they all tend to rub together every so often which causes earthquakesTectonic plates cause earthquakes by:Tectonic plates rub up against each otherTectonic plates go under each otherTectonic plates o above each otherThis happens between 2 plates.

What is a place where two plates rub together called?

A fault line is a place where two plates rub together. This tectonic activity can cause earthquakes both on dry land and underwater. When it happens underwater, it can create a tsunami.

How does earthquakes occurs?

earthquake occur when tectonic plates below the earth rub together

What is The relationship between Tectonic Plates and volcanoes?

Tectonic plates shift, and rub together to create earthquakes. Volcanoes erupt using magma that the plates float on, and the magma turns into lava.

What happens when two tectonic plates rub together?

When plates move and shift against each other, they cause earthquakes.

How a earthquake is erosion?

Earthquakes are when plates rub together and create a force. Plates rub together. Rub together. RUB.

Are waves created by tectonic plates?

Yes, and, no. Yes, waves are created by tectonic plates during an earthquake (When two or more tectonic plates rub together and make huge vibrations) and even cause tsunami waves. Waves are not formed when the plates are still, though.

How are canyons formed by tectonic plate?

the plates move or rub together to make a canyon or others things

Why is LA commonly hit by earthquakes?

LA has earthquakes alot because it is next to 2 tectonic plates. when the plates rub together they cause an earthquake! ~annalise, 11

Why are there many earthquakes in the Himalayas?

There are so many earthquakes because there are two tectonic plates beneath them and when they rub together an earthquake happens.

What type of earthquake did Haiti suffer?

It was a conservative earthquake caused by tectonic plates under ground, that rub together to make friction.

The theory that implies that large portions of the earth's crust move is called?

The theory that implies that large portions of the earth's crust move is called the Theory of Tectonic Plates. According to this theory, the earth's crust is split up into portions called tectonic plates and they move. When tectonic plates rub against each other, earthquakes occur.

Why do you think earthquakes happen where they do?

Earth quakes happen because of the rubbing together of two tectonic plates. This causes a vibration (an eath quake) They happen where they do because some tectonic plates are more likely to rub than others.

Why do earthquakes occur a lot in Kobe Japan?

Earthquakes occur in Kobé because it is built between 2 tectonic plates, that's why when there is an earthquake the ground splits in half, that crack is the gap between the tectonic plates when they rub together, this is called a conservative boundary. I hope this answer has been of much use.

Why are the edges of plates so important to the cause and location of earthquakes?

I'm afraid I only know the cause. When the edges of the tectonic plates rub together it causes vibrations, that is the earthquake.

How does the tectonic plate causes earthquake?

They rub together and send shock-waves outward from the epicenter due to friction between the two plates.

Why do earthquakes take place near tectonic boundaries?

Because of the theory of plate tectonics. When 2 plates rub together it causes an earthquake.

What happens when two tectonic plates rub back and forth?

an earthquake happens

When Volcanoes happen?

volcanoes only happen when the two tectonic plates either rub together or push apart and thats what creates a volcano eruption.

How can tectonic plates cause you to have an earthquake?

When 2 plates hit or pass each other suddenly the impact causes an earthquake. Or when they rub together it makes friction which causes earthquakes. Hope this helps :)

Is it true that the continents close to the tectonic plates will have earthquakes?

No. Everything lies on a tectonic plate. Cities that lie near where 2 tectonic plates meet have earthquakes. Tectonic Plates expand and contract, and it is often that they expand and rub against each other. As they rub, they may overlap and cause an earthquake. Obvioulsy, a city directly above where they overlap will feel it more than a city which is in the middle of a tectonic plate.

Why do most earthquakes occur in Japan?

Earthquakes occur in japan because of the two tectonic plates underneath the islands (of Japan) when they rub together it makes a earthquake