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Q: What is it called when you do something a certain amount of times?
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What does the term frequency mean?

The amount of times something happens within a certain period of time. In Herz, and while talking about sound, this would be the amount of waves every second.

Is touching things a certain amount of times OCD?

yes i touch things a certain amount of time and i have ocd

How do you quit Club Penguin membership?

You get banned five times or something like that. If you get banned a certain amount of times, you won't be able to play ever again, therefore discontinuing your membership!

What are trials in an experiment?

Trials are the amount of times a certain experiment is repeated.

How do you color your name in Call of Duty 5?

You to prestige a certain amount of times

How do you get rid of the gray boxes on your ipod touch?

you have to click it a certain amount of times.

Do all places on earth have the same daytime?

No, there is something called "Time Zones". Go to to see the current times in certain places.

How do you get the frontier leaders to come out in Pokemon emerald?

You have to beat the challenge a certain amount of times.

What are some symptoms patients experience when affected with obsessive compulsive disorder?

The need to do something a certain amount of times or feeling uncomfortable when doing something as they have never done. Watching the TV show Monk might help you. He has Obsessive compulsive disorder.

What does breathing rate indicate?

The number of times you breathe in a certain amount of time. hoped this helped.

How do you get the classified level on zombies on cod black ops?

i believe you have to prestige a certain amount of times

Can you only have a certain amount Pokemon at a time in Pokemon platinum?

Yup, You can Only Have 6 With you at all times!