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Q: What is it called when you replace humans with machines?
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Use the six simple machines in a sentence?

Humans created machines to help them selves. But machines enslaved humans.

Invention can replace people at work Do you agree or not Give your reasons?

Inventions can and do replace people at work. For example, self-checkout stands have replaced a number of cashiers.Inventions can replace people at work as machines can be programmed to do the work of humans. However, you still need people to design and build the machines, monitor them, and repair them.

How do washing machines help humans?

Washing machines help humans by making it easier for humans to wash their clothing. Washing machines have special instructions on how to install and use them. Basically, they make humans' life a lot easier. But, it also uses electricity, which does not help humans. The pollution from the washing machines' electricity makes humans' life harder.

Why did they use machines for a slave instead of humans for slaves and if they are rich by machines and use them instead of humans?

This question makes no sense, but slavery in the 1860’s had no use of machines.

Who makes machines?

Engineers/ humans

What is the science concerned with designing safe and comfortable machines for humans?

Ergonomics is the science concerned with designing safe and comfortable machines for humans.

What is the term for machines doing the work formerly done by humans?

Robots are the machines doing the work formerly done by Humans

What machines do you use to make cell phones?

Plastic molding machines; soldering machines; computer machines; humans; assembly machines; cooling machines; heating machines; electric machines; labeling machines; laser machines; conveyor machines.... etc.

Did humans allowed machines to become their masters?

yes,we have allowed machines to become our masters.

What was the first machines devised by humans?

the first machine devised by humans is "abacus".

Can a computer aided diagnosis system replace a doctor?

I believe not all the time. Although humans make mistakes sometimes when diagnosing, computers tend to be too objective at times. I still believe in the intelligence of the humans compared to the machines.

Are machines inanimate?

Machines are inanimate. Machines do not eat, sleep, rest, breathe, and they do not have a heart beat. Machines are just objects, inanimate objects for the use of humans.