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You are describing an old method called sowing the seeds. It was used for large and small fields. This was used for grass like crops that didn't have to be in even rows.

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Q: What is it called when you scatter a seed on a field randomly?
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What is the tiny hole in the seed-coat called?


What is the names of seeds that scatter by bursting?

Honestly I not a seed expert but the type of flower might b a snap dragon.add. Seed cases that split to reveal the seeds are (I think) called dehiscent. Peas, gorse and broom are examples. Some actively spring the seed for dispersal. I think there is a special name for this, but I'm remote from my resources just now.There is also an attractive basket fungi, a cup about 3 - 4mm dia, papery looking, with half a dozen flattened seeds in it. Medium brown in colour, and I believe these seeds also spring into space. [They could hardly escape otherwise.]

What is the scientific name of the apple seed?

The scientific name of seeds is dependent upon what variety the seed is. There are thousands of names of seeds.

What are plants which live for several years called?

Plants are usually classified into three groups. Annuals - Plants that sprout from seed, go through all their growth stages and go to seed in the fall. Seed to seed, so to speak. An example would be Wheat, Barley, Corn or Oats! Bi-Annuals - These plants sprout from seed the first year and winter over as a Rosette and then in the spring of the second year they continue on through their growth stages to Seed. Sweet Clover, CurleyDock Plants, Garlic, and in some uses, Austrian Peas. Perrenials - are plants that sprout from seed, grow to maturity and produce seed from the first year on through several years. Your lawn grass would make a good example or an Elm Tree.

What is the function of the cotyledons?

it stores food for the young plant and also protect itAnswer:It's a principle part of the embryo in the seed of a plant. Seeds with two are called dicotyledons, seeds with only one are called monocotyledons.