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Personally from's REALLY scary. I HATE it. If I got paid a million dollors to do it again...I wouldn'* * Only certain persons can perform tasks that are necessary in the profession of a funeral director, embalmist and so forth. These will generally be people who are sensitive and caring and have a genuine wish to help others in their time of sorrow. Most funeral directors are well educated/informed in ethnic, religious and psychological matters and most have a family background in the profession. Minors would not be allowed to serve in such a capacity. There is no reason one should associate fear with the profession unless one chooses to believe the nonsense that is portrayed in tasteless and senseless movies and televisions shows.

2007-09-02 02:11:52
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Q: What is it like to work in a funeral home?
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Do you need a license to work at a funeral home in the USA?

Probably because you cant run a funeral home all of a sudden

What is the yearly salary of a funeral director?

Hi. The salary of a funeral director depends on the location where they work and whether they own the funeral home or not. If employed by a funeral home that you do not own, in the US you can expect to make around $49,000 per year.

What funeral home handled Tommy Ellison's funeral?

leevys funeral home in columbia,sc

What is the funeral home called that the undertaker lived in?

Undertaker did not live in a funeral home, it was A storyline Spider-Man Funeral Home

What funeral home did hector lavoe's funeral?

The Funeral Home they used for Hector Lavoe's Funeral was the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan. The same one used for Celia Cruz.

Maximum salary for a funeral director?

Hi. Funeral directors have the ability to draw a salary from about $24,000 to $85,000 per year. If they work in a funeral home that they own, the salary can be even more.

What is a fancy name for a funeral home?

A funeral home is a funeral home. There's a also a name 'funeral parlour' which might sound fancier although I don't understand why you're asking.

What do you call a person who works at a funeral home?

Undertaker, funeral director, and mortician are the three main jobs at a funeral home.

How do you apply to become a funeral home hairstylist?

you can go to beauty school and go to a funeral home and asked can you be their funeral hairstylist

How much a funeral director earn in united kingdom?

Hi there. I haven't found any solid statistics, but an article that I recently read said that in the UK funeral directors earn from £25,000-£30,000. If you own the funeral home or work in a large funeral home with management responsibilities you can earn more in the profession.

What jobs are out there that work with the deceased?

You can try working for a funeral home. You can also try to work for a morgue. Not everyone is made to work at these kinds of jobs.

What services does Brown Funeral Home provide?

The Brown Funeral Home offers all services that pertain to a funeral. The funeral home will provide a burial plot (if necessary), a casket, a wake, the burial itself and the headstone.

Do phlebotomist work in funeral homes?

No because the "patients" you will find at a funeral home no longer have a working blood flow. A coroner will handle all tests needed to be preformed.

Where do funeral directors work?

At a funeral parlour, although they can carry out their work in different places.

How much a funeral home hairstylist make?

A funeral home hairstylist makes about $75 a head.

Do you need a license for being a hairdresser at a funeral home?

I dont think you need a licence for being a hairdresser at a funeral home just need the hairdresser job at the funeral home.

What is funeral home sales like?

Funeral home sales can be a depressing job depending on your view of death. You are usually selling to the relatives of someone who has recently died or people that are preparing for their own death.

What are a few funeral homes in the Carrollton, Texas area?

There are several funeral homes right in Carrollton. New Life, Metrocrest, and Rhoton are just three of the funeral homes listed online. Woods Funeral Home is another, and it also offers cremation services along with conventional burials. Rhoton Funeral Home, Metrocrest Funeral Home and New Life Funeral Home are a few of these businesses in Carrollton, Texas.

What is the largest funeral home in Louisville, Kentucky?

A. D. Porters & Sons Funeral Home is one of the largest funeral and cremation provider in Louisville, Kentucky.

A good funeral home in Northampton ma?

Czelusniak Funeral Home is the most respected funeral home in Northampton Ma. They are family owned and operated and have been in business for over 100 years.

Where is the Brinsfield funeral home located?

The Brinsfield funeral home is located in Leonardtown, MD. The full address for the funeral home is 22955 Hollywood Road, Box 279, Leonardtown, MD 20650.

Where is a Jewish funeral held?

At a Jewish funeral home or synagogue or at the graveside.

Why is a funeral home called a home?

Funeral homes are made to look like homes- many are old homes. People used to display the bodies in the parlors of their homes- funeral homes serve the same purpose. The homey feel makes them seem less commercial, I think.

What are the release dates for Funeral Boss - 2013 A Funeral Home Divided 1-3?

Funeral Boss - 2013 A Funeral Home Divided 1-3 was released on: USA: March 2013

Do most funeral homes provide cremation services?

Just like the rest of the US, most funeral homes are out sourcing their cremations but are still holding the services at the business location. You would have to enquire at your local funeral home.