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Giving yourself is a beaut of an idea

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Q: What is it mean when someone gives you the Washington wave?
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When was Washington Wave created?

Washington Wave was created in 1987.

When did Washington Wave end?

Washington Wave ended in 1989.

How can non-verbal communication show approval?

Smile, wave, nod, hug or kiss someone, wink...any gesture that gives a positive signal to others.

Which sports teams fans first started the wave?

Mexicans started the wave, hence the name 'Mexican wave'

What type of wave is made when someone reaches for the door?

mechanical wave

What is the frequency of the sound wave is?

The frequency of a sound wave is the characteristic of the wave that gives rise to the sensation of pitch, assuming that the wave is not so complex that it is perceived as white noise.

Is a string wave a electromagnetic wave?

If you mean a wave on a string, no - that's a different type of wave.

Who invented the wave runner?


Could someone snooping outside tell the difference between a sound wave for a bass guitar or violin?

You mean could they tell if someone was playing bass or violin? Yes.

What does the s in s-wave mean?

Surface Wave(:

What does the crest of a wave mean?

The highest bit of the wave.

Which electronics circuit gives unidirectional current or wave form?

A rectifier circuit produces a unidirectional wave form.