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Q: What is jenny's favorite ice cream on woozworld?
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What food are you thinking of on woozworld?

ice cream

What is Adeles favorite ice cream?

I believe that Adele's favorite ice cream is gooseberry and cream.

What is Snooki's favorite ice cream flavor?

Here favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road ice cream.

What is kiaunna kirkendall's favorite type of ice cream?

Her favorite type of ice cream is Cookies and Cream.

What are Adam Lambert's favorite foods?

Well, I don't know his favorite candy, but his favorite junk food is ice cream.

What is Sweden's favorite ice cream?

Cocoa Ice cream

What is selena's favorite ice cream?

PinkBerry Ice Cream

What was Abraham Lincoln's favorite ice cream?

his favorite ice cream was vanilla. That's what they had back then.

What is Joe's Jonas's favorite ice cream flavor?

joes favorite ice-cream is chocolate

Which is Zachary Gordon's favorite ice cream flavor?

His favorite ice cream flavor is : Vanilla

What is Liam Paynes favourite ice cream?

Liam Payne's favorite ice cream is pistachio.

What mya wooz favorite ice cream?

Mya Wooz's Favorite ice cream is strawberry. I promise you.