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Jesus Juice is an alcoholic beverage served to minors in a coke can so that they can be drugged and or raped/taken advantage of. Or just to get them drunk. It can also be used by pop/rock stars to sleep with groupies. The idea is that a sip or two will get you totally smashed.

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Q: What is Jesus juice?
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Gurus - 2014 Jesus Juice - 1.3 was released on: USA: 1 March 2014

What actors and actresses appeared in Juice Box for Jesus - 2010?

The cast of Juice Box for Jesus - 2010 includes: Mike Hatton as Jesus Shelbey Mae as Becky Arthur Pembrook as Zach Sarah Taylor as Mary

What are the release dates for Gurus - 2014 Jesus Juice 1-3?

Gurus - 2014 Jesus Juice 1-3 was released on: USA: 1 March 2014

What did the juice at the last supper symbolize?

jesus' blood

Was pineapple juice used in Palestine during the time of Jesus?

Pineapples were unknown in Palestine during the time of Jesus.

What drink was drunk in Palestine Jesus time?

It was vine grape juice.

What do Christians celebrate at holy communion?

Jesus asked his diciples to eat bread and wine to celebrate his life, and Christians still do it today. But the wine is usually substituted with grape juice. Bread represents Jesus's skin, and wine (grape juice) represents his blood.

What drink was drunk by the common people in Palestine during the time of Jesus?

the grape juice or wine

What cocktails are purple?

Purple Jesus, with ginger ale, grape juice, vodka

What drink in general in Palestine during the time of Jesus?

They drank water, and wine,grape juice.

Jesus said do this in remembrance of you?

At the Last Supper, Jesus said to His disciples, "Do this in remembrance of me." He was referring to communion. The wine (or grape juice) is His blood, shed for us. The bread is his body, broken for us.

Who invented the communion cup with juice on the bottom and wafer on top?

Jesus Christ (Luke 22:7-23).

What happens in a communion service?

communion = we drink wine(actually grape juice cocktail) as a symbol of Jesus' blood and we eat bread(actually small crackers) which symbolizes Jesus' body. The last Supper.

What first miracle did Jesus perform?

He performed his first miracle at a wedding in Cana, and he turned water into unfermented wine (grape juice).

What are new and old wine types from the Jesus Christ times that had no alcohol at all?

All wine in the time of Jesus was alcoholic. Grape juice would quickly ferment unless consumed immediately upon pressing the grapes.

What is the procedure of communion?

Followers first eat a small sample of bread without yeast (unrisen), sometimes a cracker, which represents Jesus' body. They then drink wine (can be substituted with grape juice) which represents Jesus' blood. Communion is based on what Jesus showed his disciples during the Last Supper before he was crucified.

Why is grape juice or wine used for communion?

It's what Jesus used himself when he presented his 'blood'.You didn't actually think it was real blood, did you?

Where in the Bible does Jesus disrespect His mother?

While Jesus never disrespected His Mother, some have misunderstood His instructions to her in John 2:4. When Mary told Jesus that they ran out of wine at the wedding of Cana, Jesus was telling her that His hour for ministry had not yet come. Yet, He did help those at the celebration, by changing pots of water into the best tasting grape juice ever produced, or what would be called new wine.

What happens to the body and blood of Jesus Christ after they are consumed?

Many religions take communion which represents the body and blood that was shed from Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. They usually consist of a cracker and red juice. Usually a prayer is said either before or after they are consumed.

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