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Many people say there is lots of ingredients in ketchup. There is actually only squashed tomatoes, little sugar and salt. This is basic ketchup. Heinz and other companies don't show all the ingredients on paper, because causes other companies to steal their recipe.

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Q: What is ketchup made out of?
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Is there pig blood in ketchup?

Ketchup is made from tomatoes and spices.

Is ketchup really gray?

No, ketchup is red, as it's made from tomatoes. Have you ever seen ketchup before?

Where does Heinz Ketchup come from?

Heinz Ketchup Is Made In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania And Is Made Of Mashed Tomatoes And Sugar

Are maggots made in ketchup?


Is ketchup a color?

Ketchup (or catsup) is red colored because it is made of tomatoes. There is a comic book character named "Red Ketchup".

Is ketchup a vegetable?

Ketchup is made from tomato. which is a fruit. even saying that ketchup is still a combination of ingredients so its not just a fruit...

Is there someone named Roger Ketchup?

As far as I know, a famous Roger Ketchup does not exist. The person who made up ketchup I am clueless about.

When was ketchup made?

well heinz ketchup was made by mistake on the 12 may 1869 by a feller called MR Heinz

How do you grow ketchup?

You don't "grow" ketchup. Its made of tomatoes, so you grow the tomatoes

Is ketchup made out of horse meat?

No, the meat of any animal is not used to make ketchup.

Is kechup made out of beetle?

No. Ketchup is made with tomatoes.

What is proceesing ketchup?

Ketchup is ketchup, the same thing. just means that it is made in a factory just like 99.9% of all ketcgup in the world

Where does ketchup come from?

It is made of tomatoes.

Where is Burmans ketchup made?


What is the difference between ketchup and mustard?

The difference is ketchup is made with tomatoes whereas mustard is made with mustard seeds. I hope this helped.

Does ketchup count as serving of vegetables?

because ketchup is made from tomato so tomato is a vegeteble

What state is Heinz ketchup made in?

Most Heinz ketchup is produced in the plant in Fremont, Ohio.

Can horses have ketchup?

yes. because ketchup is made out of tomato and lots of horses love tomato.

Does ketchup contain carbon?

Since ketchup is made of organic materials then it contains carbon by definition.

What is ketchup?

Ketchup (also spelled Catsup or Catchup), also known as tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, or red sauce is a condiment, usually made from tomatoes.

Why is the ketchup red?

Because it is made from tomatoes.

Does ketchup have rats in it?

If it's made by hispies

Is ketchup made from tomatoes?

Yes, of course it is!

What year was heinz ketchup made?


How are valcaoes made out of?

i think volcanoes are made out of tomato ketchup and stones.