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First Answer- A kingfisher is a small and brightly coloured bird.

Second Answer- Kingfishers are a suborder of birds. They are small to medium in size, and are often brightly colored. All of them have large heads, sharp beaks, short legs, and stubby tails. They eat a variety of bugs, small reptiles, worms, plants, fish, and even the nestlings of other birds. Most species are found in the Old World.

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Is kingfisher a mammal?

No, a kingfisher is a bird.

What are the classification of a kingfisher AIRLINES?

kingfisher first, kingfisher classic, kingfisher red

Is a kingfisher a amphibian?

No, a kingfisher is a bird

Where is the Kingfisher Memorial Library in Kingfisher located?

The address of the Kingfisher Memorial Library is: 505 West Will Rogers Dr., Kingfisher, 73750 4334

Is kingfisher a bird?

Kingfisher is definitely a bird

What does the kingfisher feed on?

The KingFISHER eats fish.

Why is it called a kingfisher?

Because its name is kingfisher.

What is the plural of kingfisher?

The plural of kingfisher is kingfishers.

Is the kingfisher endangered?

Many of the world's species of Kingfishers are endangered. The Guam Kingfisher, the Micronesian Kingfisher, and the Marquesan Kingfisher are just a few that are threatened with extinction.

How much does a kingfisher eat?

Kingfisher eat fish

What bird is considered the king of birds?

the kingfisher - KINGfisher

Does kingfisher eat eel?

kingfisher do not eat eel.

What is the sanskrit name of Kingfisher?

what is the name of kingfisher in sanskrit

How do you use the word kingfisher in a sentence?

Kingfisher birds are very beautiful.It is forbidden to hunt kingfisher birds in this country.

Tagline of kingfisher?

Tagline of Kingfisher is 'Fly the good times'.

What is the business class in Kingfisher Airlines called?

Kingfisher First

What food do kingfisher eat?

Do you mean "What food does Kingfisher eat?"

When did Kingfisher College end?

Kingfisher College ended in 1922.

When was Kingfisher Airlines created?

Kingfisher Airlines was created in 2004.

When was Beach Kingfisher created?

Beach Kingfisher was created in 1843.

Is Kingfisher an omnivore or a herbivore?

i think that the kingfisher is an omnivorous bird.

How many types of kingfisher are there?

theres only one kingfisher

What is the place where kingfisher lives?

Kingfisher lived in the deciduous forest

When was Kingfisher Calendar created?

Kingfisher Calendar was created in 2003.

When was Micronesian Kingfisher created?

Micronesian Kingfisher was created in 1821.

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