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Q: What is konbnawa sai sai in Japanese?
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How do you say 25 years old in Japanese?

juukyuu sai desu

How do you say i am 13 years in Japanese?

juusan sai

What is the Japanese word for rhinoceros?

It is 'sai,' written: 犀

How do you say rhino is Japanese?

Sai (VDW was here)

How do you write the word age in Japanese?

The kanji is 歳 (sai).

What is the Japanese of signage?

サイネージ (sai nee ji)(ee:long e) is Japanese for the exact word 'signage'.

What is the phrase 'freezing bonds' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is the word little translated from English to Japanese word?

chii sai

How do you say thirteen in Japanese?

"Thirteen" is 'juu san' in Japanese. "Thirteen years old" is 'juu san sai.'

What is Power Ranger Ninja Storm In Japanese?

Power rangers matobi sai

How do you say your 13 in Japanese?

watashi WA ju san sai desu.

What does sai mean in Japanese?

It was used in the martial art of kobudo. It is a dagger-shaped truncheon.