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A SPATULA is a kind of laboratory apparatus used for stirring or mixing chemicals.. I hope You get this..

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Q: What is laboratory apparatus spatula and how is it used?
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Functions of spatula in laboratory apparatus?

a spatula is used like a spoon or an instrument for scooping material out of a container.

What are the uses of spatula?

Spatula is used in laboratory to transfer small amounts of materials.

What laboratory apparatus used for supporting the test tube when not in used?


Function of spatula in laboratory?

a spatula is used like a spoon or an instrument for scooping material out of a container.

What are the difference between of laboratory apparatus of glass wood metal rubber?

Glass laboratory apparatus are usually resistant to acids. Wood laboratory apparatus are usually used for mixing dry elements. Metal laboratory apparatus are for mixing liquid elements and rubber apparatus are usually used for testing and measuring.

What is the function of autoclave in the laboratory?

It is used for sterilizing laboratory apparatus.

Spatula in the lab what is it used for?

Spatula in a laboratory is used for: - transfer small quantities of solid materials - mix small quantities of samples or reagents

What are different kinds of laboratory apparatus and their meaning?

Any tool or instruments which are used in a laboratory. This might include beakers, microscopes, tweezers, hot plates, lasers, volt meters, test tubes, or any number of other things you'd find in a laboratory! Here's my answer: Laboratory apparatus are tools or instruments used inside a laboratory and it helps the person in the laboratory to make experiments....

Conclusion laboratory apparatus?

There is no conclusion to be drawn from 'laboratory apparatus'

Three laboratory apparatus used for measuring liquid?

3 apparatus use for measuring liquids

What laboratory apparatus used as source of heat and light?


What is a platform balancer?

laboratory apparatus used for getting the mass