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What is labyrinthitis?


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labyrinthitis is an inflamation of the "labyrinth" in your inner ear. Today it is used interchangeably with vestibular neuritis which is an inflammation of the vestibular nerve in your inner ear.

Many doctors are not very well versed in this illness and nobody is really sure what causes it. Most people say a virus is the cause.

Some people recover within 2-6 weeks, other people suffer effects for months or years after.

Most people are alerted to the problem by vertigo or dizziness. This symptoms triggers or occurs in combination with strong anxiety and panic attacks.

A whole host of symptoms can occur from this illness including headaches, fatigue, pains in the ears, weakness in the limbs, chest pains, etc.

Other stranger symptoms that can occur which you would not immediately connect with the illness are pin prick sensations, feelings of numbness in the scalp, pains in the arms and legs, muscles spasms in the face, "shock" type jolts in the neck, and a sensory overload feeling inside your head.

I suffered for months with this illness. Much longer than the 2 weeks I was told I would. Only by following a natural regimen of flooding my body with certain nutrients and following certain exercises did I overcome it.

After following this regimen, my recovery really started and was dramatically better within 1 month.

To see exactly what I did, I have created a report about how I beat my vertigo and labyrinthitis.