What is land resource?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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land resouce is the land on which we stand

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Q: What is land resource?
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Is land an example of an economic resource?

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Is a human a resource?

yes,human resource is a land resource.

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Is human resource a land resource?

human resource can make use of land and capital. Land and capital cannot become useful on its own.

How is a land resource and a protecting resource alike?


Why is land considered a resource?

They aren't making anymore land, so it's a limited resource.

Why land is considered as natural resource?

it is because it contains resources which are naturally formed and the land itself is aresource

Is wind not a land resource?

no it is not

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What are uses of land resources?

I thnk sustainable use of land is that,using that resource in a manner that it can be saved for the future use also without causing any damage to the environment as well as the land\soil. Because the land resource is one of the very important resource in the world.we do several things on the land and we cannot imagine that what can and what will happen when the land resourses will be depleted!