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What is larger than a terabyte?

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1024 terabytes equals 1 petabyte, 1024 petabytes equals 1 exabyte, 1024 exabytes equals 1 zetabyte, and 1024 zetabytes equals 1 yottabyte. Stay tuned...

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TB (terabyte) is larger than GB (gigabyte)

A terabyte is larger. 1 terabyte = 1,000 gigabyte = 1,000,000 megabyte.

A terabyte (TB) is equal to 1000 gigabytes (GB)

Yup. Exactly 1024 times as large as a gigabyte.

Bigger than terabyte is petabyte and then bigger than petabyte is exabyte.

no there is nothingbiggerthan a terabyte intechnology

A terabyte is 1024 gigabytes. A petabyte is 1024 terabytes. An exabyte is 1024 petabytes....and the list goes on.

Yes, a terabyte is 1024 gigabytes.

They are the number of bytes respectively for a computer's memory. Giga is larger than mega and kila bytes while tera is bigger than giga.

A terabyte is 2 steps bigger than a megabyte. It is used to measure stuff and is an metric measurement. A terabyte would be used as something bigger than needed for a megabyte.

A petabyte is 1000 time larger, so would come "after", a terabyte.

The unit of digital information storage greater than the gigabyte is the terabyte. One terabyte is one thousand gigabytes.

The next measurement in the series would be the terabyte. A terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes.

a gigabyte is larger. a megabyte is a 1000 bytes and a gigabyte is a 1000 megabytes plus a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes

the difference is the number of bits that are present. ie. terabyte is 1000 times bigger than gigabyte.

Less than a TeraByte Regards steve jobs CEO-Apple Inc

a gigabytea terabytea petabyteetc.

I assume you mean terabyte, and a petabyte

There are 1000000000000 bytes in 1 terabyte, so there are 12 zeros in a terabyte.This answer uses the modern convention where large number prefixes are implied to be based on powers of ten, rather than on powers of 2.

A Terabyte is bigger than a Gigabyte, which is 1024 Gigabytes.

It depends on if you're using 1000 (103)or 1024 (210) as a multiplier, but either 1/1000 or 1/1024. A terabyte is larger than a gigabyte.

Yes, the scale is byte kilobyte = 210 bytes megabyte = 220 bytes gigabyte = 230 bytes terabyte = 240 bytes petabyte = 250 bytes

One terabyte is equal to one thousand gigabytes. So yes, a terabyte is just a little bit bigger.

Terabyte is the next step. A Tb is 1000 Gb