What is last hope in Japanese?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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最後の希望 (Saigo no kibou)

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Q: What is last hope in Japanese?
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What is you HOPE in Japanese?

kibou (希望) is the Japanese word for hope/wish/aspiration.

What does the name yoshida mean?

Yoshida is a commonly known Japanese last name meaning "joy rice field." I hope that helped. ;)

What is takagari?

I don't know witch ·%(/& answered you last time, but takagari (tah-kah-gaaree) is the ansient art of Japanese falconry, hope that does it. ; )

How do you say last year in Japanese?

去年 /kyo nen/ means 'last year' in Japanese.

What does the last name Monton mean in Japanese?

The last name Monton has no meaning in Japanese. But if you're asking how to spell it in Japanese writing, it would be モントン

How do you write Erin in Japanese?

Who ever answered before me is a f*king retard. Erin Is not a Japanese name, but I have done some research (My name is Erinn) And it can translate to 'Blessing genius' HOWEVER, The name is not Japanese, It is Gaelic. (Irish) It is a poetic name for Ireland and can also mean Peace. how to write Erin in Japanese? エリン That's how. The first character is E, the second Ri and the last N. I hope I helped better then the last Stupid.

What does the last name renn mean?

Well the first name Ren or Renn means water lily in Japanese. However I'm not sure if it would mean the same thing for a last name. I hope that helps.

How do you say I hope this relationship will last forever in Japanese?

永遠まで愛なるように eienmadeno ainaru youni

What is Andrei in Japanese?

to say andrei in Japanese is アンドレイ and it is read andorei hope this helps :)

What is eye in Japanese?

to say eye in Japanese is 眼 and it is read like me hope this helps :)

How do you say mayor in Japanese?

Mayor in Japanese is "chouchou". :D Hope this helps! -Erin

What is the Japanese word for leaf?

The Japanese word for 'leaf' is 'ha'. =D Hope you got an answer!