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What is latent?

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Latent is when something is there, but not realized; it is hidden.

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Is leukemia active or latent?


Is the rabies a latent virus?

It is not a latent virus.

What is chronic latent state?

Herpes virus that latent in the nerves

Use latent in a sentence?

the treasure was latent under the leaves.

How would you use latent in a sentence?

you can use latent in a sentence like this: jealousy in relationships is latent but natural. hope this helps. :)

Is syphilis active or latent?

Syphilis has both active and latent phases.

What is an example of a latent virus?

an example of a latent virus is a host cell

What is the specific latent heat of fusion of mercury?

latent heat of mercury

Is yellow fever active or latent?

Is yellow fever latent of active

What does the term latent mean?

Latent means present but not visible or apparent.

What is the antonym for the word latent?

An antonym for the word latent would be active.

How would you use the word latent in a sentence?

You might use the word latent in a sentence by saying: "Superman was oblivious to the latent power within him until he became a teen." Latent is defined as undiscovered or hidden.

What are latent functions of war?

The latent function of war is to kill the enemy. The latent dysfunction is that some of the members of your own troop have to die as well.

Can latent heat be zero?

No, latent heat can never be zero.Because latent heat is the hidden heat so there has to be heat more than zero.

How do you use the word latent in a sentence?

The defects were so tiny as to be deemed latent.

What elements of society that can be manifest or latent?

A function is an element of society that can be manifest or latent

What is the dimension of latent heat?

The correct dimensional formula of latent heat is MoL2T2.

Why is latent heat important to the atmosphere?

Latent heat is an important form of atmospheric energy. Latent heat is a property of water vapor in the atmosphere and when water vapor condenses it releases latent heat. Latent heat must be supplied to evaporate liquid water and this heat affects the behavior of the weather.

What process releases latent heat?

1. Process that release "Latent Heat" : a. Freezing, b. Condensation, - (Greatest amount of released Latent Heat.) c. Deposition. 2. Process that absorbs "Latent Heat" : a. Melting, b. Evaporation, - (Greatest amount of absorbed Latent Heat.) c. sublimation.

What is a latent virus?

Latent Viruses: some viruses can be latent. That means that after the virus enters a cell, its hereditary material can become part of the cell's hereditary material.

What is the difference between active and latent viruses?

Latent viruses are dormant not causing disease, but they stay in the body. Sometimes these latent viruses reactivate at a later time.

What is a sentence for the word latent?

The forensic scientist tested the crime scene for latent fingerprints.

Write a sentence using the word latent?

I saw a latent finger print after dusting for it.

Is syphilis curable even in the latent stage?

It is not curable in the latent stages; damage can not be reversed.

Does condensation release latent heat?

no when a substance is condensed it requires latent heat of fusion