What is life?

Life is the characteristic state of organisms. Properties common to terrestrial organisms are that they are cellular, carbon-and-water-based with complex organization, having a metabolism, a capacity to grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce and through natural selection adapt.

An entity with the above properties is considered to be organic life. However, not every definition of life considers all of these properties to be essential. For example, the capacity for descent with modification is often taken as the only essential property of life.

This definition notably includes viruses, which do not qualify under narrower definitions as they are a cellular and do not metabolize. Broader definitions of life may also include theoretical non-carbon-based life and other alternative biology. The entire Earth contains about 75 billion tons of biomass (life), which lives within various environments within the biosphere.

Other opinions from the community:

  • Life is whatever you make it, its a life of possibilities!
  • Life is a miracle that was created by God.
  • There is no real answer to what life is. There are many things that life is made up of and many characteristics of it too. Not even the best scientist can figure out exactly the answer to what life is.
  • Nothing, anywhere can answer this question because if you knew the answer to this question you would be either a fool or god sent.
  • Life is really cool so just live it.
  • Life is the presence of living organisms.
  • No one really knows what the meaning of life is, so just live it to the fullest.
  • Life is wonderful. stop wondering what it is and live it.
  • Life is wonderful, yet is also conjures up amazing questions, as well as answers that will persevere throughout your life. So in other words, do continue to "live it," yet it's okay to have questions once in a while.
  • You always have a purpose to live. to use the life the good Lord gave you!
  • Life is life nothing more, no god or religion can change that fact.
  • The meaning of life is to live.
  • Life is a good thing.
  • Life is the song, love is the lyrics.
  • Life is nature's experiments.
  • Life is a portal to death.
  • Life is amazing spend the time you have wisely and be careful in dark places.
  • A beautiful butterfly full of sparklez and monkeys.
  • People living, living things and the people around you.
  • Life refers to the existence of plants, human beings, and other animals.