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The "Lightning War" was a battle tactic utilized by the German Military during WWII. The German word for this tactic was, "blitzkreig". To keep it simple, the mechanics of this particular tactic involved the mass attack of overwhelming force, from both the land AND the air. This is why, in modern American Football, the act of rushing more defensive players than the offensive line can block, is called a "blitz". === === The concept of highly mobilized actions changed the face of warfare in the 20th century. WW 1 was, in spite of comparatively new technology being available, fought along the lines of warfare that had been in place for over 100 years, with static lines of defense. This thinking probably gave rise to the development of the Maginot Line - -a defensive line of fortifications that the French military thought could not be overcome. And it wasn't -- it was instead flanked, by high-speed mechanized units and, as mentioned above, coordinated air support. Another factor that appeared at this was was a much higher level of communications. In German Panzer squads, at least the squad leader and more often the entire squad, would be equipped with radio communications, which greatly decreases von Clausewitz's "fog of war". Nowadays, most land based military engagements are influenced by the blitzkreig concept, where mobility, command, control, communications, computer systems and intelligence (C4I) are combined in high speed assaults.

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Q: What is lightning war?
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What is the other name for lightning war?

"Lightning war" in German would be "blitzkrieg". See the question "What is lightning war?" if you want to know more.

What war was nicknamed the lightning war?

Lightning War was a nickname given to the way the Germans fought. They fought in such a way that battles with them did not last long, thus the term lightning war.

What football term is taken from the German word for lightning war?

The term blitz (meaning lightning), from the term Blitzkrieg (meaning lightning war).

What was Germany's 'lightning war' called?

Hitlers "Lightning war" was called Blitzkrieg.

What is the lightning thief's name?

Ares the war god steals the lightning

What is 'war' in German?

Krieg (as in Blitzkrieg, lightning war)

German Lightning attack nickname?

Blitzangriff, I think. Blitzkreig = lightning war

What does blikzkrieg mean?

Lightning war

What is the defintion of Blitzkrieg?

Lightning war.

What does Blitzkrieg stand for in world war 2?

"lightning war"

What was the German military strategy of lightning war when it was first used in Poland?

The germany military strategy that means "lightning war" was blitzkrieg .

What was the lightning war strategy used by the Germans?

it was called blitzkrieg, which literally means lightning.

What do the German call the blitz?

Blitz is the German word for Lightning: Blitzkrieg being Lightning War.

Another name for lightning war?


Who is the God of War in The Lightning Thief?


What is a blietzcreig?

Lightning war in German. Blitzkrieg

What is the German word meaning lightning war to describe the sudden massive attacks of tanks and air planes Germany used during World War 2?

The name giving to this tactic, which was implemented in Poland in 1939 by the Germans, was called the Blitzkrieg or "lightning war".lightning war translates as Blitzkrieg

World war two German word meaning lightning war?


What does the word Blitzkrieg mean?

Blitz is LightningKrieg is WarLiteral Translation is Lightening War. It referred to a 'shock and awe' tactics that the Germans used in the initial stages of World War 2. They came in fast and strong, overwhelming the opponents and destroying their ability to counterattack.Lightning war.Blitzkrieg is German for lightning strike.lightening war

What is the difference between the Blitz and War?

Blitz is the German word for lightning. Made famous during World War 2 by Adolph Hitler. He coined the phrase Blitz Kreig, which means Lightning War.

What was the German blitzkrieg?

blitzkrieg means lightning war

The term for Hitler's lightning war?


What is German blitzgkrieg?

Blitzkrieg means lightning war

What name did the Germans use for the lightning war?

The Blitz

What is another name for hitlers lightning war?