What is long in spanish?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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long = largo

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Q: What is long in spanish?
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Spanish translation for so long?

The spanish translation for "so long" is "asta luego"

What are three long spanish rivers?

three very long rivers in the spanish world

How long will the spanish NBA jerseys last?

Not very long!

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How long is the Spanish coast line?

3084 miles (4964 km)

How do you say ''long live mexico'' in spanish?

"Long live Mexico" in Spanish is "¡Viva México!" Keep in mind that in Spanish, México is not pronounced with the 'x' sound - it is pronounced 'meh-hee-co.'

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How do you say how long in spanish?

Cuántos tiempo...

Was Olmec wiped out at the peak of their society by Spanish explorers?

The Olmecs were not affected by the Spanish. The Spanish came long after the fall of the Olmec civilization.

What does largos mean in spanish?

"Long" (relating to a masculine plural noun)